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Top 10 mobile phones of the week

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Week 41, 2019


Listed on this page are the top 10 mobile phones of the week based on reader interest. In other words, these are the phones that the most people are looking for in the last one week. You could argue that the devices on this list are the 10 best phones in the market in terms of value, or at least some other factor that has users excited.

top 10 mobile phones of the week
The top 10 mobile phones of the week

In descending order from the model with the most interest down to the number 10 most checked out phone, here we go (click on each model to see their specs, features, and prices):

    1. Mara Z: a lower mid-range Android One smartphone manufactured in Rwanda and launched this week, drawing worldwide attention.
    2. Samsung Galaxy A20: mid-range Android phone with decent specs and performance
    3. itel S15 Pro: stunning entry-level Android phone with fingerprint scanner and dual cameras.
    4. Infinix Hot 8: mid-range Android phone with a big battery.
    5. TECNO Pouvoir 3 Series: mid-range Android phones with big batteries.
    6. Mara X: an entry-level Android smartphobe manufactured in Rwanda, and launched along with the Mara Z.
    7. TECNO Camon 12 Pro:  The Camon 12 Pro is now available and selling, offering stunning beauty and brawns at a comfortable mid-range price
    8. Huawei Mate 30 Pro: Huawei’s first droid without Google Services and apps pre-installed, the aftermath of the US trade war with China, ramped up the list this week.
    9. TECNO Spark Youth: entry-level smartphone.
    10. UMIDIGI F2: Want an Android 10 phone right now? The F2 pre-order is on and it starts shipping October 14. It has got 6GB RAM and 128GB storage too.

Analysis of the 10 best phones

Top 10 mobile phones - the 10 best phones
These are the Top 10 mobile phones in the market

We have a wider spectrum of diversity this week, with 7 different smartphone companies represented as follows: 2 Mara phones, 1 itel phone, 1 Samsung, 1 Infinix, 3 TECNO, 1 Huawei, and 1 UMIDIGI phone.


And this time, not all top 10 mobile phones are are affordable or budget mobile phones. Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro is a party pooper, flaunting its premium features and price among the other more budget-oriented devices. But yet again, all of them are droids. There are no iPhones on this week’s chart.


Huawei mate 30 pro top

As we have continued to point out, the premium smartphone market is saturated and more mobile manufacturers are pushing hard in the budget segment of markets around the world. Google introduced “budget” versions of their Pixel smartphones this year, because it has gotten harder to sell expensive devices. Nobody is spared. Not even Apple, the poster boy of premium smartphones. The American company now produces more affordable models to improve their sales.


But let’s get back to our list. Some models from the previous week made it this week too. They include: Samsung Galaxy A20, itel S15 and S15 Pro, Infinix HOT 8, TECNO Pouvouir series, and TECNO Spark Youth.


And in terms of highlights, the launch of the first two Mara Phone models, the X and the Z, was with a lot of buzz during the week in view. And why not? Everyone was interested in seeing the “first phones manufactured in Africa”.  The Mara Z easilly made the top of the list with double the pageviews of the smartphone in number 2 spot, Samsung Galaxy A20.

Mara Z phone camera


Who else is new on the list?


TECNO’s Camon 12 Pro jumps in this week with an impressive showing. And then, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the enstranged Google-free droid is here. With impressive cameras and other features, more people are hunting for how to install Google services and apps on it, but that is still a hit-or-miss affair. One hack works today and is blocked, only for another hack to pop-up the next day. The phone has still sold millions in China, which is not bad at all.

tecno camon 12 pro triple camera


The last newcomer on this list of the top 10 mobile phones of the week is UMIDIGI F2, a budget Android phone with spunk. The mobile phone company did a good job raising awareness for it and lots of people are itching to get their hands on it when it goes on sale on October 14.

Again, TECNO Mobile has the most phone models on this week’s list, though the number drops from 5 last week to 3. Not bad for a brand that is one of the top phone companies on the continent.

In summary, these 10 droids have generated the most interest in the smartphone world this week 41 of 2019, which is why they made it to MobilityArena’s top 10 mobile phones list.


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