Q2 2015: The top 10 Nigerian tech blogs by traffic

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Tech blogging in Nigeria is tough. We all have our different favourite made-in-Nigeria tech blogs churning out contents to voracious readers and brandishing their bragging rights for all see.

I present to you the top ten (10) Nigerian tech blogs by monthly visits in 2nd quarter 2015, compiled by DsNet Research Unit from Google Analytics traffic information.

site traffic - top Nigerian tech blogs

  1. Tech Cabal
  2. Tech Point
  3. Mobility Arena
  4. Geek Ng
  5. Techs Ng
  6. Ogbonge Blog
  7. Tech Loy
  8. Tech Suplex
  9. Tech City Ng
  10. Miss Techy

Hats off to Nigeria’s finest. Hopefully, this list hasn’t upset your stomach in any way. Google Analytics doesn’t lie. LOL.

PS: Interested in the top 40 Nigerian blogs? I compiled the list too: Here are the top 40 Nigerian blogs by traffic.


  1. I checked misstechy ranking, iI think the arrangement is wrong, she isn’t supposed to be number 10, she is even higher than some blogs listed

  2. I really find it amazing how that babe(misstechy) has gotten to where she is with only 9 months in the business.. She truly deserves all she is getting no

  3. Actually, I only know mobility.

    And I’ve somewhat heard of tech ng or geek ng or so.

    Keep up the good job though.

    Now we know who to run to when Elroy starts subscription service. 🙂

  4. But how come TechSuplex is no8? That surprised me…

    MissTechy shows girl power is still valid… kudos to her.

  5. I agree, I discovered Miss Techy’s blog only the other day and what she does is impressive and inspiring.

  6. I’m really curious to know how you guys got the traffic stats of each website.

    But I’m sure their owner didn’t give them to you.

  7. Google Analytics is probably the most reputable and convenient way of measuring traffic on a site,guess any site with issues on the stats should go back to the drawing board..

  8. If ur favorite blog apart from mobility (no hard feelings on their behalf) isn’t on the list or supposedly misrepresented, they damn well need more traffic.. Well except mobility doctored this here report, but if not mobility at 3rd is smiling to the bank with our own views (issokay, there’s God)

  9. Wow, great work in putting this list, just a simple question though am looking to put together a list similar to this on my blog too, how did you get to know the number of traffic to each of these blogs. Would love to know how.

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