Tomi Ahonen: Top 12 media outlets by unique audience

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Reach, Audience, Media. These are terms we might hear all the time but don’t really get. Top mobile analyst, Tomi Ahonen, has compiled numbers showing the largest media outlets, including the number of audiences they reach worldwide. The Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2016 is a big marker for all marketers and other interested parties to really get the picture.

The Largest Media Outlets by Reach of Unique Audience

Tomi has drawn up a list of media outlets that each has at least 2 Billion unique active users, audience members or reach as at January 1, 2016. He calls them the Big 12. Have a look:

  1. Mobile: 5.7 Billion (77% of Humans Alive)
  2. Television: 5.2 Billion (70%)
  3. Radio: 4.3 Billion (58%)
  4. SMS Text Messaging: 4.1 Billion (51%)
  5. Mobile Voice Calls: 3.7 Billion (50%)
  6. DVD & Blueray Player: 3.4 Billion (46%)
  7. Landline Telephone: 3.35 Billion (45%)
  8. Cable/Satellite TV: 3.3 Billion (44%)
  9. MMS Multimedia Messaging: 2.9 Billion (39%)
  10. Internet: 2.8 Billion (38%)
  11. Email: 2.5 Billion (34%)
  12. Android: 2.1 Billion (28%)

MMS means (Multimedia Messaging Service”) delivers MEDIA to mobile users. This covers Videos, pictures, coupons, boarding passes, offers, QR codes, web links, sounds etc. According to Tomi, this reaches a larger unique audience than the internet.

Despite a steady decline, landline telephones is still used by 3.35 billion people worldwide.

SMS is still a very relevant means of reaching out, as it commands over 4 billion people worldwide. That puts SMS smack bang in the number one position in mobile, above apps, web and others.

The Big Names That Are Not In the Big 12

Facebook. Windows. Amazon. WhatsApp. Skype. Youtube. iOS. Instagram. Twitter. Interesting; isn’t it? As popular as these others are, none of them have at least 2 billion unique active users, audience members or reach. Perhaps Facebook will join the Big 12 in 2017. At least, it is quite close.



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