Top 15 tourist spots where your smartphone is likely to get hacked

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SkyCure recently released a mobile security study that shows cyber-crime is concentrated in areas of high traffic, particularly the world’s top tourist destinations such as those identified by Travel & Leisure — including Times Square, Disneyland Parks and Union Station in Washington, D.C.

They have put together an infographic detailing the top 15 dangerous spots for smartphone users, as well as the safest five locations.

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Here is the full infographic (click on it to see the full sized image):
SkyCure infographic

They did say that the list is based on the world’s top tourist locations. If not, I’d be asking why Ibadan isn’t on the list of top five safest places.


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  1. At a glance, it says to me not to take an Android phone to any Disney theme park 😀

    I’m curious, was most of the research done in the USA, or it just happens that thefts take place disproportionately in tourist hotspots in the USA?

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