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Top 5 Essential Shopping Apps In India

There are hundreds of hopping portals on the web and almost every website has similar products with similar prices. Where prices are significantly different, it is often cumbersome to keep track of best prices across hundreds of websites. There are some price comparison apps like PriceRaja, which allow users to keep track of prices on the Internet. But here we will be discussing about some of the most popular online shopping apps in India that online shoppers are using on a daily basis.

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The Must Have Shopping Apps In India


flipkart (1)
It is one of the top players in the e-commerce segment in India. It was the first website to come up with an Android app of its own to more convenient shopping experience. Flipkart app is free to download and allows great shopping experience on the go. The app is a 100 percent extension of their website and includes all website features like swipe gesture to display products. Placing orders, making payments and checking out is simple and takes a couple of presses. Moreover, it comes with a social media integration allowing its users to share interesting product with their friends.


 amazon (1)Like any other shopping app in India, Amazon app is also free to download and translates the website entirely. With this app, browsing products becomes more easier and faster. Amazon App highlights all major offers like Today’s deal, recently viewed items and recommendations from Amazon based on shoppers searches. Placing order is also easy. Do install the app to get the best shopping experience.


snapdeal (1)After Flipkart and Amazon, Snapdeal is the third pillar of the Indian online shopping business. Snapdeal app looks good to eyes. The design of the app is simple and sober. Usability of the app is also user-friendly. Like other shopping portals and apps, Snapdeal mobile app also imitates identical features and mirrors the website. Online shoppers can easily place an order for their favourite products and keep track of the order. Snapdeal also lets users pay their online bills, recharge smartphones and other things with ease, which is an added bonus for its users.


 ebay (1)

eBay, one of the oldest shopping portals in India, gives quality shopping experience like its competitors. eBay is also free to download on play store and translates the website look into the app keeping in mind its usability. It brings all the features of the website to your smartphone. eBay app does not only allows users to buy product but also sell and take part in auctions.


myntraWhen it comes to shop for clothes and other fashion accessories, one of the best apps, Myntra pops up in the head. The shopping experience on the app is super light and breezy and makes the whole shopping experience memorable. A must have app for anyone who has a penchant of shopping online for their wardrobe.


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