The newest trend for premium devices is the availability of a fingerprint sensor or scanner. The basic function of a fingerprint scanner is to secure

Top 5 phones in 2015 with a fingerprint scanner

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The newest trend for premium devices is the availability of a fingerprint sensor or scanner. The basic function of a fingerprint scanner is to secure your smartphone instead of using patterns and passwords. Use for the fingerprint sensor on mobiles has extended to payment solutions like Samsung Pay, etc.


If you’re on the look out for a flagship device with a fingerprint scanner, the list below might interest you:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung galaxy note5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the latest of the note series just released by Samsung. It comes with a refined design compared with previous note devices. It lacks a microSD card slot, the battery is non-removable and people have voiced their concerns about this.

The phone is termed a beast in performance because it comes with the latest Exynos processor made by Samsung, and above all, it comes with a fingerprint sensor lying on it’s home button. See the full specs HERE. Price: N125,000 to N180,000

HTC One M9+
The HTC One M9+ was a quick upgrade to the One M9. It came with features correcting the wrongs of the later. Here we have a Quad HD display of 5.2-inches, a MediaTek chip and it’s also got a fingerprint scanner.

If HTC is your preference for a mobile with fingerprint sensor, then this should be your choice. See the full specs HERE. Price: N120,000 to N180,000

One Plus 2
The OnePlus 2 is the successor to the One Plus One and it was released few months ago. The OnePlus 2 is termed ‘flagship killer’, because of the high specs it offers for a relatively cheap price. This device has a fingerprint sensor located on the home button.

The lack of NFC on this phone may inhibit the use of the fingerprint for payment services. On the flip side you’re sure of securely locking it with your fingerprint. This phone features 4 GB of RAM, 13 MP/5 MP camera,etc. See the full specifications HERE. Price: N78,000

Samsung Galaxy A8
The Galaxy A8 is the best in the Samsung’s A series. In fact, the A8 is the thinnest phone Samsung has ever made. That aside, the phone is slick and comes with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. With a full metallic body, this phone features a 5.7″ 1080 p Super AMOLED display,2 GB of RAM, 16/32 GB of internal memory,etc. See the full specs HERE. Price: N100,000

Oppo R7 Plus
The Oppo is one other impressive brand and they just released the Oppo R7 Plus to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This is a 6-inched phablet with with additional fingerprint security. It comes with 3 GB of RAM, and comes with 13 MP/8 MP camera and many more. See the full specs HERE. Price: N90,000 to N100,000

TECNO Phantom 5

TECNO Phantom 5

The TECNO Phantom 5 is the latest flagship from TECNO. A huge leap both design and specs-wise. To top it all off, this device comes with a very responsive fingerprint scanner at the back. That aside, there’s 32 GB internal memory, 3GB RAM, a 13 MP back camera with dual-LED flash and also 8 MP selfie camera see the full spec HERE. Price: N70,000

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  1. I cant believe apple didn’t make the list. I think they made a very attractive/sleek and functional fingerprint sensor/reader

  2. Obviously there are more phones with the feature not making the list,though if we’re talking of top 5, an IPhone should have been there and the OPPO R7plus doesn’t have any business in that list..

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