The Infinix Hot 2 is one of the most impressive budget android smartphones we’ve seen in Nigeria for the year 2015. Why so? The phone

Updated: Top 9 problems of Infinix Hot 2 and their solutions

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The Infinix Hot 2 is one of the most impressive budget android smartphones we’ve seen in Nigeria for the year 2015. Why so? The phone is an Android One device. Looking at the spec vs price angle, there are few devices that come close. After going through various complaints from people and threads in Nairaland, I’ve decided to compile the most common problems of Infinix Hot 2 and proffer solutions for them.

Before we proceed, Here are things you should know:

  • The Infinix Hot 2 runs stock Android. This is very different from what you see on the regular android smartphones you’ve used or seen before. This phone runs raw Android – just the way founding fathers made it to be – without any extra customization. You should have this at the back of your mind.
  • You need to set up your Gmail account before using this phone. You can’t do much on this phone if you don’t do that immediately after purchase. Simply login (if you already have an account) or create a new one.

Now back to the common problems and their solutions.

Common problems of Infinix Hot 2 and their solutions

Problem 1: I can’t see a file manger

One of the problems of Infinix Hot 2 is that of users not being able to see a file manager. After signing in with your Gmail account, the first thing you need to do is run to Google Play Store, and download a file manager. Es File Explorer is highly recommended.

Problem 2: I can’t use a custom song as ringtone

When you notice you can’t set a song as ringtone, then next thing is, use your ES File Explorer, navigate to the song you want, and set that as your ringtone.

Problem 3: I can’t find any gallery

The Infinix Hot 2 actually has a gallery app called Google Photos. Though, I’ll admit, the app looks weird and different from what we’re used to. To fix the problem, run along to Google Play Store and download Quick Pic. It is a lightweight and fast gallery app. Highly recommended.

Problem 4: I can’t play videos

If you can’t find a good video player on your phone, again Quick Pic is decent. For a more rounded experience, go ahead to Google Play Store and download MX Player.

Problem 5: The phone doesn’t have HSDPA

So because the phone shows 3G on the network signal bar (instead of H+), you people have concluded the phone doesn’t have HSDPA. If you dig around Setting -> About section, you’ll clearly see where it is shown. The phone has HSDPA. However, if you need to be able to see it reflected as an icon in the status bar, you can still go farther, by rooting, install Xposed Framework and Gravity Box, then set it up to write H+ on the status bar.

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Update: 22/11/2015

Problem 6: My launcher suddenly changed to vertical scrolling

If you notice that the launcher suddenly changed to vertical scrolling, don’t be afraid. What really happened is that you updated it. The latest update to Google Now launcher changed it from horizontal to vertical scrolling of the app drawer. So if you don’t like it, go to Google Play Store, and download Nova launcher HERE, then customize it as you please.


  1. Most of the problems you experience with this phone is because you’re on a Guest Account. Yes. During initial setup most of us mistakenly put ourselves in guest account. This means the phone sees you as a guest. Hence, it restricts your use of the phone. Please make sure you are not on a guest account, if you’re on it, reset your phone to factory settings.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT ROOT THIS PHONE!! If you do, updating becomes and issue. How to resolve the problem is explained on this article here.

Update: 30/11/2015

Problem 7: I can no longer see my 2nd SIM as option when I want to make a call

When on the Phone menu, go to Options (it’s a 3-dot menu) on the top right hand of the screen. Select Settings > Calling accounts > When Call Ask First.

From there, you can set it to show both SIM cards.

Update: 29/11/2016

Problem 8: After upgrading to Marshmallow, All my saved Contacts now show just numbers

If your Call log is not showing contacts;

  • Go to Settings> Accounts>Google>
  • Click the 3-dot menu on the top right hand side and,
  • Remove the account.
  • After a while you add it back by logging in again to your Gmail, it will be fixed.

Problem 9: After upgrading to Marshmallow, I can’t access my Memory Card, and my PC no longer recognize my phone

Google has changed the way memory cards work on Android 6.0 I explained everything HERE. You have to format your SD card with the phone before your files can show on it. Please ignore the message that tells you to setup your SD card.


To access your phone through PC, plug in your phone, when it’s charging, Open your phone and swipe down the notification bar (you will notice the default is “Charging Only”), change it to MTP or USB storage, and it will show.

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  1. “So because the phone shows 3G on the network signal bar (instead of H+), you people have concluded the phone doesn’t have HSDPA.”

    ROTFLOL, I don’t think there will be another sentence on Mobility Arena that will top this for me this month.

    I can only presume no one bothered to read the specs for the phone, just heard “Android One” and got all excited ?

  2. Seems to me the phone comes with half baked features,in this day and age how a smartphone can come without a File Manager installed is rather baffling to me,it’s a fundamental part of a Smartphone experience and I expect to see it in any device no matter how low ranged..

  3. Many people do not know that STOCK Android does not come with a file manager. Google believes you don’t manually need to manage files, so they just put Downloads, Photos, and Videos apps. They don’t expect us (in theory) to go about downloading ROMs and zips and all those weird files.

  4. “Stock Android” simply means without the bloatware or apps of any other party.

    Clean slate, start from the bottom and install your own. Why should any Explorer app be pre-installed when it may not be what you want?

  5. This Hot2 is just a skeletal framework then. I fear that all these modifications might end up bricking the phone…..or if not handled well.

  6. I guess some of the cogent apps were left to create memory space and give buyers the illusion of more space

  7. quite a few phones ship without File Managers. I’ve had flagship HTC & SONY devices that didn’t have bundled File Managers. it’s a very minor annoyance, since many (most?) people don’t use the bundled File Manager anyway

  8. baseless assumption, phone has 16 GB ROM. many devices with 16 GB ROM come with tens and maybe hundreds of MB of bloatware

  9. complaints of an average user. so it’s a crime not to pre-install bloatware. simple pressing of phone will prevent all this naivity

  10. what do you mean by “play custom song”?
    if your device’s default music player can’t play a particular file format (usually wma), try a premium 3rd party music player. don’t see how ES File Explorer comes into the picture

  11. please my infinix hot phone as been bringing out “unfortunately the measure has stop working”, unfortunately adobe air has stop working” please what can I do to stop it because it is disturbing.

  12. And bloatware doesn’t take up unnecessary space on a device? I would rather install my own choice of apps than have to suffer with those that come with the phone which I never wanted and can’t uninstall.

  13. of course bloatware takes up space on the device, whether or not it’s unnecessary space depends on the user. my point is/was the apps weren’t left out to create an illusion of more available memory as Femiblaze suggested

  14. You such a newbie! Infinix HOT 2 is an android one phone. Which means that priority is given to Google service. Nothing related with range of product.

  15. Pls, my Hot2 Androidone is too slow for browsing despite d fact that Glo 3G is effective in my area. What can I do to increase its speed?

  16. my infinix hot 2 keeps on hanging many times when i use go launcher what might be the problem?kindly assist

  17. Please I can’t have access to my phone storage. Also I can’t decide where to store files either on memory card or phone storage

  18. Several file manager I downloaded also can’t have access to phone memory..please help infinix hot 2

  19. Not been able to play videos.. Downloaded vlc,MX player intact all d players I cld lay my hands on but it stl keeps writing “can’t open this file/unable to play..pls any one wit suggestions shld kindly help plss ds is rily frustrating.. Pls

  20. Wow, this is interesting. Are you sure the video files are not corrupted? Meanwhile, try moving one of the videos to the phone’s internal storage, let’s see if the error persists.

  21. Nah, d files aint corrupt. Still the same o,pictures ain’t opening too.. Super frustrating..pls wt els can I do?

  22. Elrox, please I can’t access my phone storage and there is an option for it. What do I do? My memory card is full and there is not an option for use of phone memory.

  23. Even with es file manager Please my hot 2 cant use prefered music as ringtone it keeps on saying “set fail” please what can i do about ut please.?

  24. Wow!! Have you tried installing a file explorer app like FX Explorer or ES File Explorer? Can you access the phone’s internal storage?

  25. That’s a new one. try moving the song to your internal storage or memory card, and try it again

  26. Hi my play store keeps saying enable background data I can’t seem to download any app! Very annoying, what can I do I have restarted , removed battery and memory card etc

  27. Hello sms9ja, check if auto sync is enabled. Or you restore the phone to factory settings. Go to Settings>>Backup & Reset

  28. Dis phone go jst mk pple hate am oo..d complains re jst 2much,me i jst put my own one side nd nah nokia phone i dey use now,bcos my phone kips sayin startin apps.sure i wont advice my enemy to buy dis phone.

  29. Sad to hear this. I’ve had this phone since the day it was launched with no issues whatsoever. I’ll advice you to boot to to recovery mode by switching off the phone. Then hold down power button and volume down button together to boot. Then use volume buttons for controls. Wipe the phone from there. Then restart let’s see how it goes

  30. Same problem here, seems it’s taken off my pictures. Theres memory but keep saying mount s.d card. O ti su mi. Can’t use d camera ATM. 1 month after????????????

  31. I haven’t been able to take pictures on d phone nd all my pictures and songs have all relocated to guest profile. How do I rectify it and get it back to normal? I really am confused on wat to do

  32. My infinix hot2 hangs when ever I put my 32 GB memory card, please what can I do about it?

  33. hello Elroy Chibex , wats dis complains im seeing-nt able to snap pictures..cnt access phone storage or m.card even using ES explore r…buying dis fone is scaring me…plz help me out in details bout d fone

  34. This phone doesn’t come with a file manager, but you’ll be fine after installing any good one like ES File Explorer or FX Explorer. The phone takes pictures, I’ve had one since launch which still works perfectly till date.

  35. Hi bro,
    Didn’t see my Fone storage when I connected it on my laptop so I can’t copy files like song from my laptop. How can I do?


  36. I don’t know how to install framework on my hot 2 unlike other device they were very easy but hot 2 is diff pls help….

  37. My hot2 also corrupts both videos&pics after 24 hrs plus it has no options of always ask on voice call, sms ,and data pls any that can help pls let me know what to do cause i’m realy disapointed for buying this phone.

  38. I was ask to up date my Android system and when up dating it a message pop up dat my Android system is upgrading so I was very Happy so all of a sudden when da phone was than wit da up all my pictures and songs where no more to be found pls help me

  39. I can’t believe this, the spec for infinix hot 2 says it has 16gb ROM but after buying, charging and turning it on, I discovered the internal memory is just 11.68GB. Very disappointed

  40. I can’t believe this, the spec for infinix hot 2 says it has 16gb ROM but after buying, charging and turning it on, I discovered the internal memory is just 11.68GB. Very disappointed


    That disparity in the figures is normal and happens with ALL smartphones in which certain apps are pre-installed. The “missing” space is space used up by pre-installed apps from the manufacturer.

  41. I can’t have access to my phone storage infinix office here I come.But at the main time I need help.Any tip will be helpful, the only app that was able to tap into my local SD was Vidmate ,apart from that nothing else.

  42. my problem with y infinix hot2 is that i switched it off, tried changing sim card, although i have a macafee security and it ask for ma password on switching it on, n ever since ma phone as not load to desktop /background wot do i do nw, also i want to know how to reset infinix hot 2 to factory reset without switching the device/phone on

  43. I need assistance pls. HV downloaded several apps and they all show up as “Installed”. However I can’t find them in my menu. what do I do ?.

  44. U can use music as ring tone with Easy music , just download d app now but d problem I’m av is dat d phone don’t display all my picture…

  45. Please I want to no y the phone always write “app not responding” I have cleared the clech and its still the same thing

  46. phone SD card disabled even after resetting the phone, it works fine but the next day same issue. Is there a permanent solution to this. The problem now is that it can’t save my image when I snap with it,download, screenshot, or record. It says “there was a problem saving your image or video”.while I still have more than 2g space in my external card

  47. Please my hot2 pops “unfortunately the process android process media has stopped” pics r all blank, my music on esfile disappeared, I can’t munch or take pictures, I can’t even copy and paste!

  48. please how do i set Infinix x510 to recovery mode. i tried volume down plus power at the same time and after android upgrading menu came it still coudnt reset.

  49. When that menu opens, use volume keys to navigate to “wipe device” or “Factory reset” If you didn’t see any menu, then use Volume down button and power button combinations

  50. How do i refresh, reload or reset my phone storage. Once in a while it malfunction… I am okay with the SD card but i am not happy with the phone storage. My videos don’t play in the PHOTO app whenever it malfunction

  51. my new Hot 2 consumes much data oooo.
    Its OS updates itself at the background without any prompt request.
    How ca i stop it from this update tinz

  52. Go to Settings>Backup & Reset to restore factory setting. Please install a 3rd party app like Mx Player and use for videos.

  53. Hello.I just got Infinix Hot 2 & I have a problem with the SIM call settings. Under SIM card settings, I’m supposed to see an option of ‘Always Ask’. This tells the phone to always ask on what SIM I want to call from. But on my own phone, that option doesn’t come up & I can only set a preferred SIM for calls & SMS. Whenever I want to make calls from a specific SIM, I have to keep going to the SIM settings to select the particular SIM as the ‘preferred SIM’. Please help out.

  54. Pictures taken from the phone camera are not saving on the phone and I have to switch off my phone off and switch it on anytime I want to play song from music app.How do I resolve these issues

  55. I don’t even like the infinix hot 2.. Mr. Mo, please contact would like you to review this phone, Umi Rome. From what I heard, some site review that it’s a $90 Android phone with bigger battery than iPhone 6s and even the spec is super too much…I would like to get a review from you too Mr mo

  56. i get the following error :not an error (code 0): could not open database in read/write mode when i open my quick PIC. i cant delete, use or send pictures and videos, it keeps on saying “due to the restrictions on your current system, quick PIC is unable modify your photos

  57. Elroy, the last update to the infinix hot 2 brings on board a file manager. Mr. Mo. is aware of this and I think there was a post on this also. This updated blog post doesn’t reference that at all.

  58. My hotnote is taking hours to fully charge.. Over 10 hours. It’s fairly new,around 4 months. I suspect it’s charge settings.. How do I change the settings to normal current charging?

  59. my infinix hot 2 google search, google+ and play store is not browsing. Why? Also how do i sigin into d google account?

  60. pls. each time I try to change my infinix X551 3G settings it keep displaying unfortunately Android phone has stop working. kindly assist.

  61. 1. How do I take a video with my Infinix Hot?
    2. My battery is dying so fast. What do I do and where do I get the 3000mAh battery?


  63. I think a part of the issue with the Infinix Hot 2 can simply be solved by running an OS update on your device, i just got mine today and the update was successfully downloaded and installed and kapish a file explorer was installed.
    Am still taking my time to look out for whats up with the update for all observable changes but for now thats the major thing i have noticed cus i realy needed that file explorer

  64. Immediately I bought mine, an update was downloaded and immediately I installed it, I saw a file manager. So my hot2 has a file manager.

  65. you keep ignoring this issue, please help. I just got Infinix Hot 2 & I have a problem with the SIM call settings. Under SIM card settings, I’m supposed to see an option of ‘Always Ask’. This tells the phone to always ask on what SIM I want to call from. But on my own phone, that option doesn’t come up & I can only set a preferred SIM for calls & SMS. Whenever I want to make calls from a specific SIM, I have to keep going to the SIM settings to select the particular SIM as the ‘preferred SIM’. Please help out.

  66. I can’t access my internal mem on hot 2 n every tym I try to take a pic it tells mi to insert an SD card n I have alrdy downloaded es file explorer

  67. Hi …am elly kindly assist I can’t access my internal storage and when I want to take pick it indicate insert SD card ..,.and also SD card is disabled

  68. Mehn!.. i’ve been discouraged by all vhiz complaints. Was thinking of even getting the phone for my self.

  69. Pls help!!!, my black colored Infinix Hot2 X510 is given me issues. I cannot take pictures with the camera, if I try taking pictures with the camera it keeps telling me to ‘insert an SD card before using the camera’. Everything was alright when i bought it a month ago but after about 2 weeks, it started this issue. I’m not using the guest profile cos i see guest’s storage space as 0.92G and i have an available internal storage space of 7.82G from total of 11.68G.

  70. I use d internal memory since I bought d phone nd I mistakenly kept my phone on quest which I changed back immediately but since den I can’t find all my photos nd video nd I can’t snap wit my camera as well. my music is nt also playing. pls help me.

  71. How do I stop automatic updates from Google. The phone just downloads all system updates without asking and I can’t find where I can turn it off. HELP.

  72. I’m really in a great sorrow when this phone(infinix x510) keep delete all my photos,videos and music.
    The problem has occur twice,I’m now frustrate and intimidate to use the phone anymore.
    The second is that i can’t have access to my phone storage even with es file explorer.
    Please help me,what is the solution?

  73. This is the third time my infinix hot 2 will tell me dat usb has lock my phone and it will say sd card disabled and it will not show my photos,videos and music. pls help me.

  74. There was an update on my phone, which was automatically downloaded. The next thing was to install, but it shows error when I try to install it.
    My phone is not rooted at all, it’s new,I’ve signed in to all Google services with my gmail account I even had to factory reset my phone the same problem still occurs. Please I’ll love to update my phone, please I need a solution.THANKS!

  75. Can’t access my phone storage, install received apps, can’t find music installed on my phone storage… Can’t access done storage too..

  76. This is the most foolish phone I have bought…I take a pic and it doesn’t show in file people are cheats. Foolish people

  77. and how do you disable the message pop up?? there is no privacy….but i just bought it today,,,how do i go about it?

  78. pls am having issues with restart my infinix hot 2 android phone…pls I want to know wat buttons to press
    tnks ..

  79. The phone scream display is very poor with no place to set d display colors IG green background

  80. I cannot access my phone storage but my files are still on the phone. Please how do i solve this problem?

  81. if you can’t access storage, how do you know your files are still there? download ES File Explorer

  82. Hello,my infinix hot 2 is also experiencing the same problem,my phone ain’t asking *Ask every time* have been looking for the default settings but ain’t seeing please help me…..

  83. Hello,pls my phone doesn’t show me option to make call’s it will just go directly to any sim,instead of showing me to select the sim I want to use.pls help

  84. I can’t access my Infinix Hot 2 x510 internal storage. I already have the ES file manager and still can’t access it. I’ve lost my pictures, videos and documents it keeps saying insert sd card I have 6gb space on my device and I have never used an external sd on it.i have read the previous posts and none responds to this issue. Please help me out. Thanks.

  85. When on the Phone menu, go to Options on the top right hand of the screen. Select Settings > Calling accounts > When Call Ask First

  86. To enable the “Always Ask”, on the Screen, you will see a Phone icon, click on it, it takes you to your calls and stuff, on the top right had of the screen , you will see a 3-dot drop down menu, click on settings, calling accounts and change to Always Ask. Thank me later

  87. You will do yourself a lot of favor, by reviewing previous comments because your issue has been treated already severally.

  88. I have the same problem as afy I bought the phone 2days ago and I transferred my photos songs and audio to my phone I can’t access my phone memory besides I’m skeptical about restoring my phone to factory settings I really don’t want to lose those files

  89. Hello Ray, I’ll advise you to install a file manager app from Google Play Store. You should also check for/install the latest updates coming to your phone. It should fix the issue

  90. I can’t set my phone to ask every time whenever i call because the option is not available. Is there any application i can download and install to do this.

    pls help



  91. Hello Sir, How to Set Call Waiting and Call Forwarding Option for Both the SIM Cards.. Kindly Advice

  92. Pls am not able to view my pictures in my infinix hot 2 and d videos. They just disappeared. Pls help

  93. hello. I have tried changing the “always ask first” settings for calls but it changes back to single SIM almost immediately. How do I permanently fix this? Its frustrating. Also, u keep suggesting reset phone, for how Long will one keep resetting? Ko easy now. After all the downloads and stuff.

  94. Many people have same problem like yours. I will advise you update the phone. New ones are even coming without the option of ‘ask which sim every time’ but after updating it works fine. Hope this resolve the problem.

  95. please i can’t delete files from the phone, it keeps on saying ” no permission to delete” when it happens like that, i cant take pictures, videos or save anything unless i turn the phone off and back on before it works and with that its just for a little while then it starts again. my pictures are getting missing and music can’t play well. it all started after my first updating the phone?

  96. Hello,i rooted my infinix hot 2 so will factory reset from recovery mode clear off the root cos I’m having trouble with updates…I’ve unrooted the phone BTW but still got updates problem

  97. For those of us still having problems with missing pictures and music player not playing, or camera saying ‘insert SD card’ while there is enough space in the internal storage, kindly delete ur guest account and other user accounts leaving only the “owner” account and reboot. You can reboot by powering off the phone, then hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously, the fone will boot to factory settings there you will see Reboot. That’s all.

  98. I discovered that my infinix hot 2 camera and photos are not responding. If I on the camera is showing SD card disable. When I tried to look at the setting possibly to activate the SD card, my phone just blank on the process. I can received calls but the applications are not showing. Please what should I do.

  99. Hey I wanna say thanks.I couldn’t access my phone’s storage but I followed an instruction here and deleted my Guest account and its working again..From Ghana

  100. my phone is always updating itself, it can be doing that for 30 minutes sometimes, what do i do?

  101. My Facebook account can’t load data..anytime I go through Facebook, I can’t get new stories. The only thing am told is that it can’t load data now and that I should check data settings. Please help

  102. How can i solve the problem of turning off usb connection?i cant access my file manager or say it doesnt access any storage location after removing sim whats the prob help out

  103. All my apps are fine except Facebook. It works up to a point then it stops responding. A pop-up message then appears and it says Facebook is not responding, would you like to close? I click yes. Sometimes it closes, sometimes not. What should I do?

  104. Hello Elroy Chibex, pls I can’t find message menu on my infinix hot2. Just bought it. Thanks. Also d retailer warned me not to install dupdate, how reliable is dat. Thanks

  105. Please ignore him and install all the updates as it comes. Please do not root your phone yet. Meanwhile search properly, you should see the Messaging app

  106. I download updated v6 but when I install directly it said installation aborted, what is the problem pls?

  107. Thank u for d timely response. I just discovered dat d app messenger is d message menu. The guy said if I install d update it will crash d phone. Wat is phone rooting. Pardon my ignorance. Thanks a lot u r a great help.

  108. Hello Elroy Chibex, pls my hot 2 does give me d option to select the SIM card (whether SIM 1 or 2) when I dial a number or when I send an SMS. it goes straight to a particular SIM card. How do I solve this problem. Please I am hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks. Ovo

  109. Since you don’t know what rooting is, don’t bother yourself. Please update your phone if you can.

  110. Please since i installed go launcher on my phone it has been going dark, atimes the screen just goes blank after a while it comes back on. What should i do?

  111. OK I have seen your earlier response to that issue. You said the phone should be updated. I’ll do that. Thanks so much.

  112. Hey! i noticed a msg on my Infix phone hot 2 “system upgrade 626MB”. I clicked on Restart & Install. My phone went off & came up with android Logo showing “Installing”, After a while when i check my phone was showing four revolving rings of different colors and it has refused to start. Its been doing that for 2 days now and am at lost to what the problem is. Please can any one help me out on what to do! the phone is just 2 months old. Lest i forget, i had only 500MB of data left on my subscription prior to the installing process.
    Thanks all……!

  113. Switch the phone off and boot to recovery mode by holding down power button and volume down button then from there, wipe the phone. It should come on this time.

  114. My files now save to phone memory after I updated to version 6. Please how do I select memory card as default save path?

  115. I went through the comments here and it encouraging.
    I updated my phones software (Phone: Infinix hot2 ) to the latest Android version -Android marshmallow.
    After the installation, the phone came up
    But I couldn’t access the phones internal storage (I.e my picture’s, songs, videps and other stuff) .
    The internal storage still shows that they are datas still in the phone .
    (It’s showing 2GB free, I can’t view the remaining) please help me out I don’t want to factory reset factory settings.

  116. Quan, no. It’s that I can’t save files to memory card. Internal memory seems to be default storage. And I can’t delete photos. It says ‘photos’ does not have the permission to delete photos.

  117. It’s easy, I had the same prob when I bought it 4months ago, click on the Call (blue) icon on ur screen ~ it will take you to a screen (speed dial / Recent/ contact) ~ press on the menu button (3 dots) on the top right corner of the screen ~ press settings ~ press on call accounts ~ make calls with ~ press ~ always ask.

  118. Hold power button for at least 10 seconds, when it went off it will restart. Ignore the power off when it shows.

  119. Please help me, majority of my photos just went black. Important pictures o! How do I undo dis blackness? I really need the pics. Thanks

  120. Since I updated to marshmallow I can’t save contacts on my sim.. And contacts on my sim ain’t showing.. What can I do ?

  121. Hello Elroy Chibex and hello Everyone
    When i’m playing music (google music playing) on my infinix Note 2, the music stops by itself (not immediatly) when I go back to the menu or another application . I thought it was due to the fact I wasn’t registered on my Google account. So i registered myself in all google accounts but the problem still continue.
    So I’ve downloaded VLC player. But nothing It is the same . i can’t listen to 4 songs bcz it stops at the 2nd or 3rd
    Can you help me ??

  122. Try another app like Musicmatch or TTpod. I’m thinking maybe your apps are shutting down in the background. Disable your task killer app or greenify if you use such.

  123. my infinix hot 2 has been updated to Android 6.0 and that has messed the phone for me…..all my contacts are gone,some of files are missing .the phone had become slow and the led do not show anymore

  124. How to move app to sd card!?!
    I hv notice app canmove to sd…bt after i tap move…
    I can fine tap move on app…
    Please help me..thanks

    Infinix hot 2 X510

  125. My infinix hot 2 has a problem with my mobile networks, it comes and goes off or doesn’t come at all so I cannot do any calls…..why is it so?
    it indicates cellular networks not available while I have Sim cards in it and when I try the Sim cards in other phone’s it works perfectly…

  126. Pls am having difficulty sharing file between my phone n my pc….the fon only make a sound when i connect it to my pc and select the fike sharing option….

    The fon only charges…
    Pls any help?

  127. My infinix hot 2 restarts itself every three to five minutes. I constantly have to boost it to prevent this from happening every three to five minutes. This happens mostly when I’m in the middle of a chat. Please help me.


  129. PlPleasChris, try to remember the email used before resetting the phone, cos only that can work with it, I guess you are using hot spot or WiFi Internet. Use another phone to retrieve your password if forgotten.

  130. Help, my phone keeps displaying the following. Not an error (code 0) could not open database in read/write mode in my Quickpic. I can’t delete, use or send pictures or video’s. It says, due to the restrictions on your current system, quickpic is unable to modify your photos.
    Kindly help.

  131. I can’t copy any of my file from memory card to phone memory or delete any video that is in my phone memory.
    pls what should i do?

  132. Hello
    thanks for the review and replies.
    Quick 1
    Is there a way I could delete multiple contacts at once on my Infinix Hot 2? Been looking around and can’t find a way to do that.
    Have multiple contacts on my “phone contacts” & don’t wanna have to delete one after the other.

  133. Please my phone screen at times refuses to come up and though when switched on infinix shows after that, its a black out. Even when a call is coming in, it doesn’t shoe what do I do?

  134. Hi, i have a problem, i have 2500 contacts and when i transferred them from my old one to the Infinix it started hanging. Any advise on where and how i should should store them to avoid the hanging issue?

  135. Good morning,
    why were all these guide lines not written in the manual. The manual is so empty. I have problems with my phone pictures because i can’t view them. Am always told that it can’t generate thumbnail. My audio, video, recorder, músic are having problems too. Pictures look so small and the images blurred, i can’t view media files from my WhatsApp twice because if I do it will be empty yet the picture is Still in the person’s profile and I cant save from WhatsApp profile because when I view it once and want to save to my gallery it will be Blank and i will be told that media cannot send file. Recording is bar too because it will not display what you have recorded. It spoils my journalistic work. Thanks

  136. I really had high hopes in INfinix, but it has been A HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT, My phone reboots more than 10 times a day and fails to detect sim card..I can open my sms inbox an wait for more than 30 mins (Loading conversation).

    Poorly programmed , but has good external looks.

    Am a dissapointed Kenyan client.


  137. Please, what was said about this? “pls. each time I try to change my infinix X551 3G settings it keep displaying unfortunately Android phone has stop working. kindly assist”.

  138. Please my device keeps hanging everytime I put in a 32Gb SD card,and the apps won’t even open at all, my device is rooted.Is there any solution to this???

  139. my infinix phone just hanged and since i cannot remove tha battery, please help me on how to unhang it………….am so sad

  140. pls bro how can i delete guess user from my hot2” I think is de tin dat make me not to see my photos again’ cos it has working well a while until i mistakenly put it in guess user

  141. please how can I upgrade my phone to it’s taste o really loved this phone. thanks

  142. Hello Lubna, you can actually remove the battery. Try that and the hanging should cease

  143. i try updating my infinix hot 2 launcher and it was slow so i stop it and since den it has been blank, i cnt access my minimixe and back button and it face is blank cnt even see my notification.

  144. I update the solo launcher of my infinix hot 2 and it was slow so i stop d upgrading and since den it not responding, i cnt access my back and minimixe button, it not even showing my notification my phone is just blank

  145. Please help. My mobile networks are stuck on E.
    I can’t change to 3G or H.
    Whenever I go to settings > mobile networks > 3G service,
    The phone IMMEDIATELY says “unfortunately, the process has stopped.”
    And it returns me to home screen. HELP ME PLEASE!

  146. Please help me fix mine, I can’t take picture, can’t fine my music too and what they tell me I should off my USB storage please I need your help

  147. Whasapp me let me take u tru the process to help you fix DAT and see ur internal memory wen u connect to ur computer+233266407394

  148. good day i have a infinix hot 2, ever since i update to 6.0, most of my files on the internal memory is hidden, i cant view them.. dont know why? and it has accumulated much space.. dont know what to do…

  149. Please help. all my files migrated to guest user and the process is not reversing .So how can I access them in owner’s user coz I can’t even take photo , play music etc …any one with a solution pliz help

  150. please help. my phone has been upgrading to marshmallow from 7 in the morning until now. is that how long it takes to upgrade or something is not right?

  151. Am so glad finding solution to my phone contact that was not showing from this room. Guys keep up the good job

  152. Hello after upgrading marshmallow… My sound effect is very bad… I don’t like the sound when listening to music,i wish I had use the version 5.1.1 please anyone be of help

  153. My infinix hot 2 has dis problem with the screen that sometimes it doesn’t work untill i reboot it. So please help me do away with this problem coz am enjoying the phone.

  154. hi, my phone can no longer send files to laptops through a USB cord. The icon dat usually displayed for me to choose from I.e either charging only or charging and media device is no longer popping up when I fit my USB cord. What do I do. Someone should please me, I really need to send some files to my laptop.

  155. Kindly assist. Network suddenly goes of on my SIM1 when the data is on SIM1. Once I switch the data service to SIM2, network appears on SIM1 and disappears on SIM2 thus unable to make calls/text/browse on SIM2. I may have to lock the phone for over 10mins before network appears on both SIMS.

  156. please Elroy, If I delete my account from my setting, will it affect my contacts on the phone? because my in no longer showing the names of my contacts when I make or receive a call. I was told to delete the account from my setting and add it again from my Gmail. So am asking if I delete the account, will my contacts be deleted as well? please I need an answer. Thanks

  157. How can i move my apps to my SD card all are installed on my internal memory including pics and all

  158. sir phone just started using the front camera after restarting my phone. pls help me

  159. I have an active data bundle. I browse with my infinix X501 but Facebook never come up. It keeps saying timed out or check data connection. Please what do I do abt this. Even when I try using other browsers its still the same thing

  160. Have been trying to delete some videos ,but, the phones says can’t delete device copied items.what do I do to delete them

  161. I just got this device two months ago i discovered it does not bring contact name during calls then i formatted it and now it delete contacts on its own. I tried to manually fix it but after a day, it was deleted again. Please help

  162. guyz need serious help pls, my infinix hot x510 doesn’t charge if phone is on except its turned off,…… anyone with the best solution should pls call or whatsapp. 08180826090, i will pay a certain amount if asked to

  163. Please, I’m no more enjoying my phone, what could be the problem, some of my pictures will not show, some of my videos will not show again after watching them, same thing applies to my apps, after download it will not open. I have formated my phone several times, update the system and nothing is change, instead I keep lost my data, the phone is one year now, please I need quick solution, thank you.

  164. after upgradin, my only issue is d speaker. itz soundin too low nd dry. I’ve gone tru Settings, still no improvement. pls help

  165. Please help, my infinix hot 2 is no more rotating and i have on the the auto rotate

  166. I can’t download anything on my Hot 2, except through Playstore. Downloading through Opera, UC etc doesn’t work
    *sobs*.. Help

  167. Kindly update me on how to correct “No sim card or Sim Error” detected in my infinix.

  168. My hot 2 it picture and music and video just disappear and it was showing b4 pls WHT can I do it without doing factory reset pls

  169. am unable to browse with my hot2. am I just bought data of a month… am trying to reset the phone from factory reset. BT its requesting for password, and I can’t remember the password I used. pls help me

  170. My infinix HOT 2 always delete contacts on it own after upgrading it to android 6.0..Please how do i solve that problem? please any help is welcome on 0246606837

  171. About infinix hot 2 problem of contacts. with the suggestion given if you are asked for a pin before you remove the Google account, what pin is this

  172. My infinix hot2 just suddenly went off while still on charge… What could be the cause and solution please

  173. Pls help me recovered my pictures,videos n songs,the camera too is not responding,anytime I try to take pic,it will show data is not responding.I try downloading data phone recovering frm playstore n it comes no sufficient space

  174. Sorry you won’t be able to recover your lost data. For your camera, I’d suggest you install a camera app like Camera 360

  175. pls I can’t receive msgs from WhatsApp n IMO on ma hot 2 when I’m offline tho ma data is always on buh as soon as I go online msgs starts flowing. pls help me out ? ?

  176. Hi pls, am using infinix X507 my camera had stopped working both the 360 carmera.pls help

  177. how can I put on back my chanting speed mood back on because it stop and me phone don’t Chang fast anymore

  178. Hello, in my case, my internal storage disappeared plus photos app lost access to all data like videos,pictures, documents etc, file manager displayed 0bytes. For the time being, I just added another user, logged on that other user with my Google account and installed a few apps afresh, everything was back to normal at least the camera is now not demanding and card, photos is working, file manager working also, but you may have some few challenges on CALLING PRIVILEGES which you can just set to allow other users using the Owner Account, otherwise you may have to be switching between Accounts Everytime you want to use the USB connection, am still working on how to get my Owners Account back and working without a Factory reset. By the way, am new to phones technology so I ask, does factory reset uninstall all my Apps? As for now I can access everything, view, record, and even save on PC from internal Storage using the other Account, so I can back it up elsewhere..

  179. Well, the Infinix hot2 that had disabled sd card, not detected on USB even though I have selected MTP, camera was asking for sd card, WhatsApp messenger could not share pictures, file manager was reading zero data, the photos App was also reading zero pics, videos etc, I followed the above procedure and got back all the functions and data. I began by deleting the extra user I had added, then I logged in to the guest user, didn’t sign in to any Google account, went to users, guest, remove guest, then the phone automatically comes back to owner screen, I press power button, shuts down, then hold power button together with the volume up (+) button for some 10 or so seconds as it powers up, the four small coloured dots revolving, then leave it, it will first bring an interface saying that Android Starting…. and at the bottom it says Optimising App 1 of 120 or so. My phone is on Android 5.1.1 well, this process runs for some 5minutes then it will bring up the normal welcome screen and you’re back! I suspect my problem began after I connected my phone to a Windows Xp computer at a cyber cafe where I suspect some malware got in. I realized I was in trouble when I switched it off and on, that is when trouble started, but now it’s back to normal and good as new with the incredible ES File Explorer.

  180. Elric, pls my infinix hot 3 battery runs too fast. Please help me. What should I do?

  181. Hello Samuel, do not use the phone while charging it. Allow the phone to run down to 5% then charge it undisturbed to 100%

  182. Thanks Etoniru. U know what, just after charging to hundred percent and I disconnect it from charging source, its battery starts running down on its own even without using it. Pls what should I do

  183. Hello. I just purchased a hot 3 and can’t seem to find my system update option unless I search for it with DE search button. But wen it appears it shows in red and even doesn’t open. Apps not compatible on playstore

  184. Hello Etoniru Chibueze,
    i have an annoying challenge. I use the Note 2 4glte. I have a case (cover) for it as well. What happens is that anytime the front cover of the case is on the screen, Music files begin to play automatically (or on their own) and so loud. This happens every day and becomes really embarrassing when you are in a meeting even though the ringing volume has been set to silent.

  185. Hello Mr. Etoniru Chibueze,

    How to Remove the Google Search Bar from the Home Screen of Infinix Hot 2..

    Kindly Give Solution..

    Have a Wonderful Day..!!!

  186. Hello Sri, Tap and hold it, A ‘remove’ button will appear at the top drag it there and it will disappear

  187. My is Question! When ever that I play music on my Media player, I don’t hear the audio well of the song. What can I do, to increase the volume of the music? Thanks. Mr. Williams. A. S. My phone is Infinix 510 Hot

  188. pls I need help, my phone fell into water, after sunning and servicing it for some days, it started giving me issues like, Hanging, some times it goes off, and then d battery runs down fast. what can I do about it, is it repaired?

  189. Hello pls i need your help I’m having issues with my inifinix hot 2 i have a 16gb memory card in my phone but whenever i try to download an app from playstore it keeps saying insufficient storage and i dicovered i cnt change my default write disk..its stuck on internal storage what can i do pls? Thank you

  190. Uninstall any app you’re not using and try again. Or restore the phone to factory settings

  191. ma Infinix hot 2 suddenly stopped working. It doesn’t on and does not even charge.
    what might be the cause

  192. Boss please help ooo. after updating my infinix hot 2 to the latest update. he doesnt diplay menu after full booting anymore. please what can i do. help please

  193. Kindly help! my phone infinix note 2 updated with latest XOS chameleon software itself automatically after hanging for over 3 hours and became ok. its now 4 months, Today same problem I have ,it is hanging, I cant switch off or restart, I can see calls coming but I cant receive . it is locked I cant unlock, I cant access phone at all and it is ON. is like screen sensor failed or what? i cant swipe to unlock!. I tried to press down volume + off button together and nothing happens. please help coz the battery is inbuilt and I cant remove to restart phone. help please. regards Thomas

  194. I Cant delete videos(movies) from my device memory. It keeps saying photos doesnt have access to delete items on your sd card, go to your gallery app to continue deleting and when i click ok it brings up some chinese symbols I DONT UNDERSTAND. please help.


  196. If you’re having problems accessing messages in your infinix phone, follow this guide: go to Settings>Apps>Messages>Permissions>Storage. Turn on the storage option to show green. I hope this helps.

  197. My infinix hot recently started showing dim vertical lines at the bottom of the screen like the display IC is damaged. The phone didn’t fall and neither has it ever been subjected to serious shock. I just brought it out from my pocket surprisingly to see a vertical dent mark on the screen.

  198. please my infinix hot x510 flash brings on a low current when taking pictures with the camera.

  199. hi am having a problem sending sms and mpesa i can’t transact for the last one week,what do i do?

  200. I just bought infinix hot 4 x557, am charging it before I start using it but the phone it’s taking too long to charge. is it normal or it’s a factory default

  201. Hi my infinix x551 lollipop is switching on and off and when ever it starts it start optimizing apps and it become hot at the earpiece side .
    advice on this

  202. Hello sir Elric, my hot 2 phone ve been malfunctioning once I put on the data and also making calls sometimes. sir what will do a
    bout it. Thanks

  203. Hi i upgraded my infinix 551on saturday and sinces then it’s been rebooting it’s self most especially when im on a call. I’ve flashed it but it’s still going off inbetween call. I don’t know if its because of the upgrade and if i should go back to d former os would my fone function well? Thanks

  204. Pls am having problem with my infinix hot 2. Both negative and the positive terminals is connected. So the phone can’t switch. pls any solution

  205. hi…my infinix hot x510 16+2 got bricked and i cant flash with a system cos it keeps showing usb device not recognised…how can i flash with an sd card? what is the file name?…thanks

  206. I have infinix hot s x521 and the update requires SD card but i don’t have access to sd card right now. I have OTG flash drive instead can i use it and how ?? because i tried to plug it and even format it then update but it kept showing the same message

  207. My infinix Hot 2 does not save screen shots more so it is hanging alot despite large ram and rom not yet used. What might be the problem. Please help.

  208. Hello Frank, try changing your storage location. If it persists, restore your phone to factory settings.

  209. Please help, how can i switch back to owner instead of guest in infinix hot 2, i mistakenly press guest and the phone refuse to display and go back to owner

  210. im having trouble with my zero 3.every time i try downloading music in any browser engine in plays and cant download it.could you help me or send me link that could assist me

  211. Jim,

    Use Chrome browser instead to visit the download page.

    Then press and hold the download link. A dialogue box will pop up with a number of options.

    Select the “Download Link” option and the music will download.

  212. I have an Infinix x554 which i have been using for a while n then after
    some time, it begins to work slow n takes time to perform a command
    given out, also my messages were not coming in to my phone.. So i thought
    it was mt line with the messages issue, i took it n put it in a different
    phone.. But the texts came in… N soo tht was a problem with the phone, so
    i did a hard reset and after doing a hard reset, i had to do some setup…
    Whereby the first was choosing the language to use, second it was the
    cellular line to use, third was the texting line to use since it was a dual line
    phone. And now the tough stage is adding wifi network, it cannot go through
    that stage.. And the skip option is not activated. Or cannot be used, how do
    i access that part please i need your help

  213. I did hard reset to my infinix hot 2 and d internal memory gets reduced to 1.4gb, I don’t knw wat to do to get the memory back.

  214. Please my hot 2 camera is not working, when I try taking a pic it tells me other app is using camera or flashlight. Please I need help in solving this issue.

  215. Good day, please I will like to know if I should update the android one apps (system apps) that came with the phone, cos I did. The phone is not rooted neither did I update to 6.0 but it still hangs, doesn’t save pictures sometimes. I didn’t update to 6.0 cos I learnt it hangs cos of bugs, I also have a feeling that the app updates caused the hanging (not sure tho) But seems you said your device is working perfectly I want to know the state it is please. What OS do you use and did you upgrade the system apps ? Thanks

  216. Hello I’m using Infinix hot 2. Ever since I upgraded to OS 6.0 my FM Radio stopped launching. When you tap the icon, it comes up and disappears immediately. This started the moment I declined the app to be accessed by google. How can I go back to playing default FM. Thanks

  217. Hello, my infinix Hot 2 cannot take a picture and save automatically as it used to do when i bought the phone. it tells me ” camera error …..there was a problem saving your photo or video”

    please advice.

  218. My infinix Hot has gone off and can’t even switch on back and can’t charge also…what might be the problem? and what should i do to fix it.

  219. Hi, pls my infinix x510 switched off and refuse to on or charge again, please wat can I do

  220. My infinix S2 is bin plugged into a power outlet, it indicates charging bt d batter level remains d same for hours. It stays at 1% for over 4 hours. I change d charger several tyms to determine if it’s d charger bt it’s still d same. After sumtym dt u removed d charger and wait for some tym and re plug, it starts charging again moving d battery level up and later stops again. Wat can I do cos I got d fone new abt four moths ago.

  221. im experience a situation where by the phone keep activating itself. that’s several apps keep activating without any touch. for example. as soon as I login. it begin it self activation with wifi (activate or deactivate) or with whatapp (making a whatapp call).infact, it activate over 10 apps over and over. pls what can I do about it. I cant easily make calls

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