Some days ago, I ran into a question asked by Lammy on Twitter and made a mental note to contribute via a blog post. I

These Are Mister Mobility’s Top 5 Productivity Apps

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Some days ago, I ran into a question asked by Lammy on Twitter and made a mental note to contribute via a blog post. I put an outline of the article in a draft and got caught up with life. You know how these things work. Lammy asked for us to replay with our top 5 productivity apps – the apps that help us do our office work better on our phone.

top 5 productivity apps

I get a lot of work done on my phone, so this request got my attention easily. And it wasn’t difficult to narrow down my list to just five apps.

What Do I Do?

To have a better understanding of my list of top 5 productivity apps, a quick outline of what my work entails is necessary. So, if you ask me, na who I go ask?! Oops! Sorry, Omawunmi keeps getting in my head.

If you ask me what I do, I will say that I am a content creator and digital marketing consultant. My core specialty is text and photos. I do some minor image editing. I have a partnership with a renowned video producer for video going forward, so I don’t need video apps as much.

My work also involves a lot of email correspondence, web browsing, and storage of files.

My Top 5 Productivity Apps

Having given a brief outline of what I spend most of my work hours doing, let’s dive into my list. I use quite a number of productivity apps, daily, but these are the ones I believe to be the most important of them all.

  1. WordPress

    As a content creator, editor and publisher responsible for a handful of WordPress-powered platforms, the WordPress app is an essential for me. I use it to create quick drafts of articles, make quick edits and the like.

  2. Gmail

    What is correspondence in the digital age without email? I do not remember the last time I received a physical letter, but I get hundreds of emails daily. Gmail is my default email management tool for work. This makes the Gmail app indispensable for my work.

  3. Firefox Web browser

    For researching, learning new things, and generally keeping up with developments in my field from around the world, nothing beats the web browser yet. Actually, nothing comes close. Social media may be excellent for sharing and consuming bits and bites of information, but when one really needs to sit down and read, the almighty web browser is where to be. And for this, Firefox is my favourite on both PC and mobile.

  4. Twitter

    There are dozens of social media sites out there, but I find that Twitter is the place to get the latest updates about events and developments in the industry. I tell people that I can afford to get off other social networks, but I cannot afford to get ff Twitter. This is why.

  5. Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive

    Once upon a time, I used to keep a backup of my work files on an external had drive – till it crashed. Now, I use cloud storage. I use both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. They both serve well for backing up, as well as accessing, my photographs, documents and other files regardless of where I am.

The above are my top 5 productivity apps. Without them, my ability to get work done on mobile would be severely crippled. Sadly, the WordPress app for Windows Phone is no defunct, and Google Drive is no longer available via mobile browser. And with my Lumia 950 now begging to be retired, I am seriously plotting to join many others who have abandoned Windows Phone.

Shall I move to Android OS or to iOS? The iPhone X is drop-dead gorgeous….but I digress.

Your Top 5 Productivity Apps?

What do you do and which apps will you pick as your top 5 productivity apps? Share in the comments section below. Do not forget too to share this article to your networks.

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  1. In no particular order: Twitter, WhatsApp (funny that it’s easier for people in my spheres to send a document on WhatsApp than via email. So I even have WhatsApp installed on my computer, Edge(used Firefox until Edge Beta came on Android. Made the switch and it’s been bliss. Google drive/Microsoft OneDrive: I have all my important stuff on the cloud, so I’m safe. Lastly, Moonreader for my books

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