Mobile phones have been one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. It helped us break free from the shackles of desk phones which is tied…

Top 5 Things NOT To Do When Your Phone Drops In Water

Mobile phones have been one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. It helped us break free from the shackles of desk phones which is tied to one location. The advent of mobile phones redefined what we can do with this calling machine.


But with one problem solved, another problem surfaces. Because the device is mobile, it is prone to a lot of exposures which are not favourable for the device. One of such conditions is the device falling into water. It could be a small puddle, a water closet, a stream or even a river. Water is the enemy of any electrical board and it causes serious damage to any device it comes in contact with.

Now there are a lot of articles already writing on what to do when your device falls into water, and each one proffering different solution. But the irony of it all is, people now know what to do, but don’t know what NOT to do.


So, this article is going to be talking about what NOT to do when your device drops into water:



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Just like when your tire burst on top speed, the first instinct you get is to step on the brakes, and this could prove fatal. So also, when your device falls into water, the first thing you want to do is put it on back to check if it is still working. DO NOT put it on, or try to put it on. If it is still on, remove the battery. If it comes with non-removable battery, press and hold down the power button. Whatever step you want to take thereafter, it can be done with the device off.




This is also something we all want to do. We feel by swinging it, it would drain the fluid inside. This is partially true. The truth is, swinging it would expel water from one side and allow more entry on the other side. You could place the device vertically, but DO NOT swing dry it.




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Now that your device is wet, everything you has to come to a halt. All chats suspended, calls etc. You practically become useless. This would make you want to make haste with the drying process. You would want to be done with the process in a jiffy. This might push you to increase the heat of the heater used to dry the device. Excess heat can damage the board or the body of the device if it is made of plastic. It could also affect the screen of the device. DO NOT use too much heat



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This is another funny action people do when their device falls into water. They either use a blower or use their mouth to blow air into any available vent on the device. They hope this would dry the device. On the contrary, this would push the liquid further into the device. So DO NOT blow air into the device, either manually or with a blower.




This is also another thing people like to do. Because they want to know if the device is still working, they tend to plug it to a main source. This could lead to the complete frying of the board…instantly. DO NOT plug it to power, instead, find every means possible to make sure it remains off during the entire rescue process.

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  1. This is One of the main drags of non-removable batteries for me.

    That “crazy spike in adrenaline you get when you see your phone drops into the bucket filled with washing water in front of you during laundry😁, it can make u do all sorts to save your nasty i.e ur phone… lol”

    The key is to try and remain as calm and calculated as possible after retrieving a wet device.

    Then follow the suggestions above.

    But, I hear dipping the device in a bag of rice for 3 days works good too. The myth is that the rice granules absorb the water and dries the device efficiently as well.

    Mr Mo… can you expantiate this a little.

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