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Top mobile platforms on Mobility blog – Apr 2012

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I have been unable to publish Mobility blog’s ritual State of the Mobile Web report because of issues with the particular software that we used in generating that monthly report. Till date, we are still unable to get it functioning properly.

But in the meantime, if we cannot have the full meal, we can have snippets and snacks to consume. Here I present the statistics of the top mobile platforms that accessed this blog in April 2012. Mobile web share of traffic to the blog dropped from the average 65% to below 50% during the period, so more people accessed the site via PC than mobile.


Surprise, surprise – Blackberry is at the top. And in another surprise, Android is in 2nd position.


This is just statistics for Mobility Blog, so it is not a foolproof reflection of the Nigerian environment. Still, the wide berth that BlackBerry gives everyone else perhaps is a reflection of the statistics published earlier about Blackberry now being the number one smartphone OS in Nigeria.


While the iPad and iPhone are listed separately, they do run the same OS, so that comes to a cumulative of 2,321 for iOS. Still 3rd place behind Android. But not bad at all.

As you can see, Symbian web usage here has dropped considerably. Does that tell us anything? What about Windows Phone? At only 58 visits, that platform looks set to remain on the fringes in these parts.


In the meantime, feature phones make it into the top list too, but at a cumulative of only 344 visits shared between Nokia and Samsung. Nigeria may be a feature phone market, but Mobility Blog is clearly a smartphone community.


Your comments please!

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  1. I just checked my stats from April 20, 2012 to May 8, 2012 and blackberry is tops with 4382 visits and Android second with 862 and iPad in third palce with 462 and Nokia fourth place with 440.

    I guess this probably has to do with the fact that my site if kinda focused around the BlackBerry niche 😀

  2. Great to know. However, I’d have preferred a list of the OSes and the total number of hits along with percentages also stated too. A tabular or pictoral representation would’ve done the article more good than without it. The Chineese proverb says a picture speaks a thousand words…

    That said, it is amazing how the Blackberry OS has catapulted to the top above Symbian in a very short space of time. Just a couple of months ago, Symbian was number one! Is that folks are eschewing Symbian for Blackberry? Or more People are buying BB devices at a rate faster than those already on Symbian. Or is the Elop effect that bad and Symbian users are jettisoning Symbian at a worrisome alarming and exponential rate?

    Hmmm.. Food for thought.

    But me doubt Blackberry would continue to hold this record for long. At the rate people are adopting the iPad and the Galaxy Note, I see a drastic skew towards Android soon!

  3. Mr Mobility, This question may sound stupid but I’ll still ask all the same. How do you know which device is accessing your site.

  4. My reason for asking the question is that if the platform gotten from the script is the same as what is displayed on this comments, then the result might be very far from the truth. For example I sent my previous post and this one using ICS+ browser on galaxy tab 8.9, but it is being displayed as sent using
    Google Chrome 11.0.696.34 on GNU/Linux x64
    Similarly, anytime I use the stock browser, it is displayed as coming from safari.
    Also some browsers can be configured to mimick other platforms.
    I don’t know if the tracking scripts can bypass these.

  5. BlackBerry sure have got a large chunk here in Nigeria.

    On my blog part, its Android all the way to the top, accounting for almost half of the entire mobile platform access, mostly from U.S and Canada.

    BlackBerry really need a blackhat to cut into these two markets.

  6. @Dr. Austine Ezemelue:, i think you have a valid point there. I believe these statistics need to be taken with lots of grais of Dangote Salt!.

    For example, i have also been posting most of my comments with Opera Mini on Nokia 5800. This site does not recognize the device i post with.

    You will notice lots of comments are indicated as posted on ‘UnKnown’. I suspect almost all are Symbian devices.

    Let us just take these figures as probabilities only…

  7. Visitors with blackberries have really grown here. We don’t even need the stat to know. I am happy android is also gaining some ground. Blackberry will.most likely hold that position for a very long time. As long as carriers continue to offer cheap data connection for blackberry.

  8. @ Eye.Bee.Kay
    That’s my point. When I use my N8, it is either an S60 device (at least that’s symbian) or an unknown or windows depending on which browser I use.

  9. Many of the further Nokia/Symbian users have moved to Android from my observation. I think it’s only eye be kay and myself that’s left. Lol!

  10. I still use Symbian. My primary phone is Nokia N8, but I use galaxy tab for browsing. In fact I’m posting this from my N8 (running Belle FP1) using the stock browser

  11. Mr. Mobility, from comments above, I suggest you should also post the total hits from “unknown” devices and also those browsing from a Java Phone (possibly a feature phone or Symbian) in the article too. This is to enable us appreciate the degree of error/freedom…

  12. Oga o! Symbian has really fallen from grace. I remember when symbian was lord here. #teamblackberry let’s go there. 🙂

  13. looks like you guys are wrong (Eye.Bee.Kay. & Jesseoguns). I still use Symbian too!

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