Top mobile platforms on Mobility blog – Apr 2012


I have been unable to publish Mobility blog’s ritual State of the Mobile Web report because of issues with the particular software that we used in generating that monthly report. Till date, we are still unable to get it functioning properly.

But in the meantime, if we cannot have the full meal, we can have snippets and snacks to consume. Here I present the statistics of the top mobile platforms that accessed this blog in April 2012. Mobile web share of traffic to the blog dropped from the average 65% to below 50% during the period, so more people accessed the site via PC than mobile.

Surprise, surprise – Blackberry is at the top. And in another surprise, Android is in 2nd position.

This is just statistics for Mobility Blog, so it is not a foolproof reflection of the Nigerian environment. Still, the wide berth that BlackBerry gives everyone else perhaps is a reflection of the statistics published earlier about Blackberry now being the number one smartphone OS in Nigeria.

While the iPad and iPhone are listed separately, they do run the same OS, so that comes to a cumulative of 2,321 for iOS. Still 3rd place behind Android. But not bad at all.

As you can see, Symbian web usage here has dropped considerably. Does that tell us anything? What about Windows Phone? At only 58 visits, that platform looks set to remain on the fringes in these parts.

In the meantime, feature phones make it into the top list too, but at a cumulative of only 344 visits shared between Nokia and Samsung. Nigeria may be a feature phone market, but Mobility Blog is clearly a smartphone community.

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