If you were asked to name the top selling smartphone of all time, let me guess…perhaps you would mention an iPhone model or perhaps a

The Top Selling Smartphone of all time (2017)

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If you were asked to name the top selling smartphone of all time, let me guess…perhaps you would mention an iPhone model or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy model. Or perhaps you wouldn’t. But if you mentioned either, you would be wrong.


Top Selling smartphone: Nokia 6600

The top selling smartphone of all time belongs to an older generation. Nokia 6600 is a 2003 smartphone running Series 60 2nd Edition (in other words, Symbian OS). It had a distinctive physical design that stood it out from the crowd, but it was also the most advanced product ever launched by Nokia at the time. Have a look.

Nokia 6600 top selling smartphone

Can’t Touch This!

The Nokia 6600 sold 150 million units in its lifetime, and is number 6 on the list of top 10 best selling mobile phones ever. All the other phones on that list are feature phones. No other smartphone has made it there till date. Production of the 6600 was stopped in 2007.

Top Selling Mobile Phones (as at 2016)

  1. Nokia 1100
  2. Nokia 3210
  3. Nokia 1200
  4. Nokia 6600 – the only smartphone on the list)
  5. Nokia 5230
  6. Samsung E1100
  7. Nokia 2600
  8. Motorola RAZR V3
  9. Nokia 1600
  10. Nokia 3310

For perspective, the top selling iPhone model is the iPhone 5 with 70 million units sold, and the bestselling Samsung smartphone is the Galaxy S4 with 80 million units sold. In other words, no smartphone made in recent times has even come close to threatening the Nokia 6600’s position.

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  1. I guessed it would be a Nokia but not that particular model, and I’m not convinced. Unless this sold heavily in China, I’ve hardly ever seen this model in the real world and I don’t know anyone who’s ever had it.

    I can’t imagine it was more popular than the 3300.

  2. On the other hand, around that time, I knew quite a handful of people that had that phone. I used to enjoy Real Football 2005 on it :mrgreen:

  3. I checked, the predecessor an successor models to this – those I did see quite a few of, especially the 6310. I think that was my sister’s work phone at the time and, I saw one of these in use recently! And I knew quite a few people who had the 6680, but I can honestly say the 6600 was a no show, at least in the places I travelled to when this was supposed to be popular. If they even said the 1100 I would agree, that phone was (and still is) everywhere!

  4. don’t know what part of the planet you lived in or visited between 2003 and 2007. this phone was EVERYWHERE. still remember still remember the ad with Mr. Bean. twas a great device once you got around the OOBE rough edges by downloading a few apps and changing a few settings. I had one myself and I can say this was my first dive into the modding world. I was a serial mobile phone user before this phone, i became a techie thereafter. Anyone remember the Real1 Player?

  5. I quite agree. I remember a friend who had this phone then. I first learnt about Bluetooth technology on this phone.

  6. @3WT, you and others may find it hard to believe (which I find hilarious), but I can honestly say I hardly ever saw it during its supposed heyday, unlike the 3210 which I saw everywhere I went and most people I knew had it. The 6600 may have been popular in Nigeria because of its WAP capabilities I presume, but interesting enough, the places I was in had pretty decent dial-up and WAP was a sideline.

    If I recall correctly, 2003 was the year Nokia released a lot of kooky looking phones like the N-Gage and that one that looked like a design brick. This was to me just another mildly weird looking Nokia phone which would have made it difficult to miss in public.

  7. I remember vividly how I walked into Slot and got my copy. I was so excited and I rocked the hell off this phone. I got it in 2005 in my 3rd year in school. Real football, and sky force suffered!

    Nokia in its time was head above all other phones and a pioneer, perhaps if they had embraced the Android market (which they are about doing), instead of the “bizzare” Microsoft deal, they would still be a top brand today…perhaps!

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