Toshibas external drives are handy to transfer a massive amount of data from your PC hard drive. These drives are useful to take backup of

Toshiba Recovery: Methods to Recover Data from Hard Drive

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Toshibas external drives are handy to transfer a massive amount of data from your PC hard drive. These drives are useful to take backup of essential data. People have a false impression that their precious data is safe in Toshiba hard drive.

Keep it in mind that you can lose data from hard drive of Toshiba because of accidental format, failure/crash, or drive corruption. Due to abrupt removal of external storage device or interruptions, you might face data loss. With the use of recovery software or handy tools, Toshiba recovery can be an easy job. Here are some uninvited situations that cause data loss or deletion from an external drive.

  1. Unplanned formatting: Accidental mouse clicks may result in unintentional formatting of an external hard drive of Toshiba connected to your system. As a result, you will lose huge data.
  2. Deletion: Carefully delete additional files from your external drive. Once you delete a file, it will be permanently removed from your storage device.
  3. Corruption Issues: External storage drive of Toshiba can get corrupt because of improper ejection, corruption of file system and virus attack. This problem will make data unreadable or inaccessible.
  4. Other Issues: Formatting errors, the formation of bad sectors, over usage and other issues may lose data on external storage drive of Toshiba.

Data loss consequences will not seek your permission. If you are facing any of the above circumstances, there is no need to worry. Choose a suitable data recovery software to extract your files from Toshibas hard drive. With the help of western digital data recovery, you can extract files from inaccessible, crashed and unbootable hard drive.

Effective Tips for Data Recovery (Toshiba Recovery)

If your external drive loses its data, you have to connect it to your PC correctly with the use of a perfect cable. It will appear in the section of “External Devices” in Data Recovery Recoverit Software.

Recoverit guarantees the clear interface and faster processing. If data of your hard drive is lost because of partition loss, deletion or quick format, switch to “Lost Partition Data” tab and scan. Check results after scanning this drive. Here is a simple procedure:

Launch the data recovery software of Recoverit. Choose a scenario case for data loss to restore your data quickly.

Toshiba recovery - Recover Data from Hard Drive

Scan your computer/device. Choose the location/path where your data loss happened and hit “Start” to continue.

Toshiba recovery - Recover Data from Hard Drive

Preview recovered data for selective recovery and recovery desired files. Save them in a new location.

Toshiba recovery - Recover Data from Hard Drive

Recoverit Software automatically starts scanning procedure. It takes a few minutes to finish, but you can stop midway after finding your desired files in display results. It is good to wait until you recover all files.

Once the scanning is finished, you can check the data for desired items and hit a “Recover” button to save recovered data. Make sure to avoid an original drive to store data to decrease the risk of overwriting.

Always remember that the free recovery software for Toshiba hard drive contains three modules for instant guidance: Partition Recovery, Complete Recovery, and Deleted File Recovery. With Recoverit Data Recovery software, it is easy to recover data from your hard disk drive. It can thoroughly scan a hard drive to retrieve data from lost or deleted partition and find out possible partitions.


Data recovery software can be an excellent choice to recover data from a CF card, microcard, memory stick, SD card, and hard drive. Professional services to recover a Toshiba hard drive can be expensive. Free recovery software and tools can help even non-technical or novice users. With a premium solution like western digital data recovery, you can securely reclaim your unreachable files. This solution is handy to restore Lenovo, Asus, HP, Sony, Dell and hard drives of other brands.

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