Totally Secure your Android with Cerberus Antitheft

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Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application, by “complete, we mean the app offers the best protection you can get to recover a lost, stolen or misplaced Android device.Cereberus-Antitheft

This app is not the regular  anti -heft app you’ve come across. With it’s many advanced features, you’re almost absolutely sure of recovering your  lost or stolen device. Below is a run down of it’s features:

  • Location and tracking of device.
  • Remotely locking the device with a code.
  • Setting up alarms, even when device is on Silent.
  • App can be hidden on app drawer and can take pictures, screenshots and even record videos, to identify the thief.Cereberus
  • Access to location history, to see where the device has been in the past.
  • Ability to wipe internal memory and SD card, to protect personal data, etc.
  • Automatic settings can also be activated, like sending SMS/email when certain conditions are met. For instance when another SIM is inserted or when wrong unlock code is entered, a picture will be taken and sent via email.
  • Blocking power button to prevent thief from shutting down the device.
  • For rooted devices Cerberus can also be made a system application, hence it cannot be uninstalled (even after a factory reset).

Cerberus offers 1-week trial and option of full license for 4.99€. License can also be used on 3 more devices with same Cerberus account.

Download Cerberus HERE



  1. Blocking power button to prevent thief from shutting down the device. cracked me up!. What if I merely pull the battery, put battery back, boot into recovery, and wipe the whole phone?


    The network method of black listing the IMSI/IMEI would be a great deterrent to phone theft, but even that is being circumvented on MTK phones whose Electronic identification can be altered via software. Easy peasy.

    You lose a phone, it stays lost if the thief is tech savvy. And he will live to use the phone, sell it successfully, or simply cannibalize it for parts.

    With its many advanced features, you’re almost absolutely sure of recovering your lost or stolen device

    No, I don’t think so.

    No mere app can give you that kind of protection.

    By the way, automation apps +like Tasker, AutomateIT and AutomaGic would do ninety something percent of the things listed above, and much much much more.

  2. most people are not as tech savy as you are so lets say there is a 55% chance that you might recover it. but na naija we dey oh. we have way of circumventing through everything

  3. I had considered Cerebus at one point, then opted against it. I’ve learned since then that one of the anti-viruses allows you to track your phone use if the thief hasn’t erased the data.

    Most thieves are opportunists, not necessarily professionals. Which is why you find so many stolen devices being used to take pictures and selfies by the new owner/thief and the pics being available to the original device owner.

  4. I’m not a fan of this. Besides, I don’t care if my device is stolen any longer. I store files and contact on cloud: this way I won’t lose much when my phone is stolen.

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