Toyota’s Human Support Robot and $1 billion research fund

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When it comes to the quest for futuristic technology, Toyota isn’t taking things easy at all. The Japanese brand had earlier announced a $50 million fund for artificial intelligence research at Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge.

Now, the company has announced another investment of $1 billion over the course of five years for the development of artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous car technologies at an independent institute that it is setting up, the Toyota Research Institute Inc. But Toyota’s interest isn’t limited to just autonomous cars. As a matter of fact, perhaps it is time to stop thinking of Toyota as strictly an auto-mobile brand.

Toyota HSR

The Japanese brand is researching into all forms of robotic technology that can improve everyday living for everyone, especially the elderly and the sick. The company has already demonstrated the Human Support Robot (HSR) designed to help the elderly, the sick and people in wheelchairs by picking up and carrying objects. The manufacturer has also shown human-shaped entertainment robots that can converse and play musical instruments.

Here is a video of the HSR in action:

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