Toyota’s FCV Plus car can light up your home

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The Toyota FCV Plus is striking. It is an odd-looking vehicle. But beyond that, it is powered by a Hydrogen fuel-cell, an engine that converts compressed hydrogen gas into electricity which then powers the electric motors built into each of the wheels. Nifty; right? Yes. No carbon exhausts. Just pure water. To be sure, we have heard of these sort of vehicles before. But the FCV Plus has an extra trick up its sleeves – it can be hooked up to your house and serve as a power generator.

Toyota FCV Plus

Here is how it works: the car has its own built-in hydrogen tank, but it can be Not only does the FCV Plus operate using a built-in hydrogen tank, it can be connected to a larger, external tank, giving it enough supply of fuel to actually power your home. Who needs a standalone power generator? Well, you might still need one, unless your Toyota FCV Plus sits in the garage 24-7.

Still, it is a cool concept. It still needs to be said: the FCV Plus is ugly as sin. Thankfully, it is still a concept car. Hopefully, this ugly duckling would have transformed into a beautiful swan by the time it is ready for commercial production.


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