The Mobility Nigeria phone store sells and delivers medium and high end phones and smartphones to individuals and organisations across Nigeria. Here are a few

Trade-in your Old Phone for a Newer Model

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The Mobility Nigeria phone store sells and delivers medium and high end phones and smartphones to individuals and organisations across Nigeria.


Here are a few reasons why you should patronise the Mobility Nigeria phone store –

  1. place your order with convenience and have it delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria
  2. for special occassions such as your loved ones’ birthdays, we can package your order to taste and even include a specially worded message and deliver on your behalf
  3. enjoy standard manufacturer’s warranty with documentation
  4. enjoy the benefit of upgrading your phone by trading it in for a newer model (we provide details below, so read on)
  5. our team of consultants will help you narrow your choices down to the best 3 devices suited to your needs and budget (mail: mobility[@]

How our Trade-in service works

If you change your phone regularly, say one to three times a year, you should be buying from the Mobility Nigeria phone store. When you purchase a new phone from our phone store, one of the benefits you enjoy is that of upgrading your purchased phone once a year by trading it in for a newer model.

How It Works

  • only phones purchased from Mobility Nigeria qualify for our upgrade service, so you start by making a purchase from our phone store
  • upgrades can be effected not earlier than 180 days from date of purchase, and not later than 365 days from date of purchase
  • phones for upgrade must be in good condition with no functional or hardware faults/defects, with sales pack and all accessories intact
  • phones for upgrades will be examined for faults and if qualified will be costed at 40% of the prevailing market price
  • you will pay the difference in cost of the valued phone and the new phone of choice
  • phones that have been discontinued by their manufacturers are not eligible for the trade-in service

Our Credibility

It is only natural to be concerned about doing business via a delivery-only service. Dealing with real flesh and blood seems safer. Yet, you have no need to worry.

Our integrity is our strongest asset. Mobility Nigeria is owned and overseen by one of the most prominent online personalities in Nigeria, Mr. Yomi Adegboye. He is Managing Partner at DomainStandard Networks (since 2003), the major shareholder and Managing Director of Alireta Nigeria Limited (since 2008), one of the top 10 webhosts in the country.

Mr. Adegboye has become an institution in himself and personally guarantees that when ordering from Mobility Nigeria, you are in trusted hands.

Mobility Nigeria has delivered to places as far away as Maiduguri, Owerri and Abuja and transacted with both individuals and business entities.

Feel free to mail any enquiries to mobility[@] and we will get back to you with honest answers. If you are ready to get on the train right away, do visit our phone store right away to place your order!


  1. This is the first of its kind in our country! God bless you MobilityNigeria And Yomi! This is why I love to be associated with you. Very soon, you would do better than services offered in even developed countries like the US, UK,. Oh please, Carry on AND Godspeed. Cheriiiooo!

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