Have you ever had the need to transfer airtime to someone or a group of people? Sometimes we forget the multiple codes of the different


Transfer airtime across mobile networks with Swap Naija

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Have you ever had the need to transfer airtime to someone or a group of people? Sometimes we forget the multiple codes of the different Nigerian mobile networks. This is where Swap Naija comes to fill the void. As if that wasn’t enough, this app is also used to port airtime from one network to another.



Oh yes! You read that right. This is not the conventional porting of SIM cards from one network to another. With the Swap Naija app, you can move your airtime from one Nigerian mobile network to another.



Once you download the app, a registration page pops up, and you fill in your details.


From there, you can configure which of the networks you would like to use. Currently, the app is available for Android and Blackberry 10 devices. You can also visit the Swap Naija official page HERE. Or download the Android app HERE.

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  2. @elroychibex these guys at swap naija beat me to my game, I thought I will launch first, well my second one will be a game changer in the mobile industry in nigeria

  3. This is a welcomed development! The people behind it should seriously work on how to get words out there. Many people don’t know how the conventional Mobile Number porting works despite the ads by the Telcos.

  4. While this app is commendable, I think the guys behind this should have created awareness with a free service before charging the 10%, which by the way I think is almost excessive for such service.
    They should have let this app run freely for a couple of months before charging. And if I may advise, charging 5% is moderate.
    I want to transfer 1000 bucks but I will pay 100 bucks for the service? Even banks dont charge that much when you eventually break it down.
    If Googling hw to transfer from mtn to mtn will save me 100 bucks, you can bet I will.
    Nonetheless, they did well. I just think many people will let this app ride freely. There are cheaper alternatives than using this app if you want to transfer to someone.

  5. for this Naija? I have Sims for all network. A typical Naija: Two Phones dual sim mode the 10% charges no go make sense O. Naija are smarter O!

  6. Exactly my point. An average nigerian has two phones. Those that really need to transfer will know the transfer codes of the network they use.
    By the way, borrowMECredit or the usage of this App, which is cheaper?

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