Transfer airtime across mobile networks with Swap Naija

Have you ever had the need to transfer airtime to someone or a group of people? Sometimes we forget the multiple codes of the different Nigerian mobile networks. This is where Swap Naija comes to fill the void. As if that wasn’t enough, this app is also used to port airtime from one network to another.

Oh yes! You read that right. This is not the conventional porting of SIM cards from one network to another. With the Swap Naija app, you can move your airtime from one Nigerian mobile network to another.

Once you download the app, a registration page pops up, and you fill in your details.

From there, you can configure which of the networks you would like to use. Currently, the app is available for Android and Blackberry 10 devices. You can also visit the Swap Naija official page HERE. Or download the Android app HERE.


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