Own an iPhone? Transfer media files between a PC and iPhone without jail breaking

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Sharing or transferring files with an iOS device can seem almost impossible as we all know, iOS is an entirely closed system. Well, that’s a discussion for another day.

Am simply going to write down  the steps to take in transferring media files to and from PC to an iOS device without iTunes or jailbreaking your device using an app called iFunbox. There are a couple of other applications that can be used like iStonsoft, iPhone manage, but am focusing on iFunbox because that’s the one I use.

Here are the few steps to transferring media files, but first you will need to click here to download iFunbox.

  • Open iFunbox on your PC and connect your iOS device it via a USB cable and it will open your file system.
  • Look at the top of the application screen and click “Quick Tool Box” which will open the menu for you to import or export files.


  • Click on “iPod music”, “video” or “photo”. select the one you want to copy to your PC. and then click on Copy to PC which is located on the very top ….that’s all.

It’s quite easy. I have used to transfer a couple of media files and it works perfectly.


Photo credit: softrino