Apple’s tablet offering in form of the iPad (1 and 2) has not seen any competitor from the Android camp beat it and for good

Transformer: Revenge Of The Android

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Transformer Prime
Apple’s tablet offering in form of the iPad (1 and 2) has not seen any competitor from the Android camp beat it and for good reason too. You see, even if the competition can beat Apple on the hardware front, they still have to play a game of catch-up on the software front.

Asus announced and promptly released the Transformer Prime, an Android tablet that has many geeks and Android fan boys (me included) drooling over the wonderful hardware that it packs in such a slim package.

At just 8.3mm, it is slimmer than both the iPad2 (8.8mm) and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (8.6mm). Around the back it features an all aluminum panel with the front packing a 10.1 Super IPS+ display. It also features a sharp 8mp camera that does 1080p/HD video recording.

With all these specs, you may be asking about the interface and processing power. Ask no more. This baby packs a Tegra 3 Quad-Core processor with console type gaming ability for those that want to really hammer out games on the tab.

The name ‘Transformer’ is gotten from the fact that the Asus has a keyboard dock that it can be plugged into. The battery life of the tablet clocks in at around 12 hours with the tablet only and 18 hours while docked with the keyboard.

What I like most about this tablet is that unlike Sammy, it doesn’t imitate the iPad curve for curve but instead brings a design of its own in a slimmer, more powerful and longer lasting way.

In conclusion, this tablet (to me) is the messiah of the Android Tablet and the only major gripes that end users might have with it is that it only has a WiFi only version and it does not have enough apps or games to really beat what obtains in the iOS ecosystem. Otherwise trumps the iPad in every other aspect.

So if you wanted to get a tablet that is not an iPad, this is the tablet to get, chikenah!


  1. This reinforces what folks keep saying; in the world of tablets, there is Apple’s iPad and others.

    They make super products and make it lovely such that you’d want it. They price it the way they want (almost out of reach) and make some obnoxious rules that put folks off, but people still love it.

    Your piece reinforces that point. You wrote; if you want a tablet that is not an iPad, the Transformer Prime is your choice.

    I love the transformer prime too. I Dell in love after seeing the video. Could this be signs of the post PC era?

  2. Price may just be the determining factor here.

    Comparatively, does this Transformer transform the tablet price_paradigm enough to make an impact? (Value = price vs performance)

  3. good device. I would have lived a 3G option.
    Looking forward to a tablet from windows. (Nokia)

  4. Asus are making a name in the area of hardware-brilliant design.
    I love thier cloud storage up to 500 GB,which i use.catching ios in area of software is a mars project entirely.good writeup

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