Transformers: Nokia’s shape-shifters

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Between 2002 and 2005, Nokia’s designers went stark raving crazy and threw up some of the most spectacular mobile phone designs ever. In this first part of the series, we look at Nokia’s Transformer phones – phones that changed shape at will.


Nokia 6800 (2002)
nokia 6800 6820
The Nokia 6800 looked normal at first glance, but wait till it transformed by unfolding out its QWERTY keyboard. Suddenly, the normal looking phone transformed into something that looked like a space craft or stealth fighter.

I never owned the 6800, but I did get a chance to play with one back then. Absolutely jaw-dropping cool stuff.

Nokia N90 (2005)
The N90 stood out for its swivel design that let it transform between four (4) different modes! This was the king of the transformers – the Optimus Prime of Nokia phones. It had a great camera too, and the swivel design made it well suited to shooting videos!

Nokia 3250 (2005)
nokia 3250
The 3250 was a junior transformer to the N90. It twisted in only one mode. But it was unique enough. If you prefer not to do crazy crazy transformer, this could be crazy enough for you.

Pull out any one of these transformers anywhere, and you were sure to get everyone’s attention. Funny too, these devices were robust. Despite all the twisting movements in use, the parts didn’t wear out or break easily.

Someone should experiment again with Transformers. Something tells me that kids will love it! Plus, put some artificial intelligence (AI) into these shape-shifters and we would have real robots in disguise in our hands.

Nokia had a few other phones that were oddities in terms of looks, but they didn’t transform. In the next part of this series, we will bring you a few of those.

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  1. i had the 6800 and the 3250. there were other “Transformers”, the 6810 was an upgrade on the 6800. there was also the original 6260

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