Travelling? Here’s how to get airport pickup and drop-off rides conveniently

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You know the drill: you have a flight to catch out of town, but do not have a driver to go drop you at the airport and then return the car home. Or worse, you do not have a car. Either way, you are in the same dilemma: you need a drop-off ride. Perhaps you are returning home and will need a ride from the airport home, hotel or other destination: you need a pickup ride.


Tiketmobile is a service that lets you request pickup and drop-off rides at airports across African cities in a fast and easy way – right on your mobile. You can book a ride by visiting or calling +2348086514565.

The service is available in only two cities right now – Abuja and Port Harcourt – but will expand to others soon. So, if you are going to be flying from or landing at either of those cities, you don’t have to get stranded any more. Use Tiketmobile.

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  1. good idea, recently started using Uber for this. would be nice to have similar service on both ends of the flight

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