Travelling? Take note of these 5 safety tips for your smartphone

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If you are travelling, here are a few quick tips for keeping your smartphone safe:

  1. Be wary of free WiFi networks. This is very important. if you can, avoid them, especially if your smartphone contains sensitive information. Free WiFi is often the devil’s workshop. If you cannot avoid them, use a VPN for some measure of protection.
  2. Disconnect from the wireless network you are connected to if your phone keeps freezing, crashing or rebooting. You might be at the end of hacking activity.
  3. Do not expose your device to water, direct blazing sun or extreme heat (unless your device is built protected from those).
  4. Do not accept random/unknown Bluetooth file transfers or pairing requests.
  5. This is a remote one, but if you are being tracked via your smartphone (or you suspect so), pull out the battery of your device. It can still be tracked if you turn it off. Too bad if your smartphone has a non-removable battery. Throw it on the floor and smash it to bits.


  1. #5 lol
    also get power adapters to suit the outlets if you’re traveling internationally
    i believe you experienced something like that a while back

  2. Get a power bank and charge full.
    Load your device with enough movies.
    Your head phone should be ready

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