Here are some tricks to free up iPhone storage

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A lot of people complain about how their iPhone storage fills up so quickly. When this happens, you see people deleting their photos. Fortunately, there are other methods to free up some more iPhone storage without deleting your pictures. Here are some of them:

  1. Keep internal app downloads in check: Go to manage Store and check out how much space each app takes. Delete the ones that take too much space.
  2. Delete old videos and podcasts: Use Apple’s Podcast app to see which ones have been played, then swipe left on them to delete. You can do the same within the video app.
  3. Remove unplayed games: some of your games run on 3D graphics, and these take a lot of space. Go to Manage Store and remove any games you are not currently playing.
  4. Use Google + to save images: Now, instead of deleting your pictures completely from your device, why not back them up on Google+? It offers free storage for videos less than 15minutes long and videos below 2048×2048 px. Log in with your Google account, then choose Auto Backup in Settings. Select Back up over WiFI Only, so it does not consume your mobile data.iPhone storage
  5. Make messages automatically expire: This automatically deletes messages older messages. Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Message, then select “1 Year” or “30 Days”.
  6. Disable Photo Stream: this feature syncs the last 1000 images on your iDevices. Unless you want to share your photos between your iPhone and iPad, you do not need it. Turn it off by going to Settings > Photos & Camera, then toggle My Photo Stream off.
  7. Stop storing all music files on your phone. Just store the ones you really love, then stream the rest from iTunes for just $25 a year.
  8. Save HDR images only: when you take a picture, your phone may store two versions, one of which is the HDR version. You can keep just this version when you take pictures. Go to Settings > Photo and Camera. Scroll below and unselect Keep Normal Photo.
  9. Check the Other section in iTunes & restore device: This category includes your web browser data, music and email. Back up your data first, then restore your phone to clear this space. Go to iTunes, save a backup of your iPhone data by choosing Backup Now, then select Restore iPhone. After that, click on Restore Backup to get your data back. This should clear up more iPhone storage.

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