The Trium 110 is the first Trium handset I have played with. Trium is one of those names a lot of people throw up their

Trium 110 review

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The Trium 110 is the first Trium handset I have played with. Trium is one of those names a lot of people throw up their nose at, but they have done a good job with the 110. And the way things go, the price of the phone makes it one of the best value-for money handsets on the market.

mitsubishi trium 110

Form Factor
Pictures don’t do this phone justice. Don’t make up your mind about its looks UNTIL you see it in real life. It is cool. So cool and yet rugged, that for the period I used it I hung it around my neck (of course, that’s not the only reason I did that). But the 110 was definitely the first phone I ever considered hanging around my neck.

The phone has a large mono-chrome screen with a green backlight. It does a good job with graphics and text. You can see up to 5 lines of a text message on it. The large screen means that I love the phone already. The standby mode shows an animation, date, time, and operator ID, among other indicators.

The keypad is lovely to touch and does a good job generally.

Polyphonic Ringtones
Yes! The 110 comes with a good collection of polyphonic (and some monophonic) ringtones. They all sound pleasant and loud.

Battery Performance
The phone runs an average of 2 to 3 days on a full charge. Take note that I was almost constantly doing something with it – writing a note, playing a game, making and receiving calls.

There is a data cable connection slot, but I could not get it to perform anything. I had some software from the Net installed on my PC, but after connecting up the installation wouldn’t even recognize the phone. Oh well…

Signal Reception
The 110 is one of the better handsets in this area. Where some other sets I have tried out could not register a signal at all in 36 hours, the 110 not only registered, but held on to it well enough to allow both incoming and outgoing calls. There were brief moments it lost the signal, but remember that we are talking about a location where most other handsets did not read anything, and a few others would give you only one bar every now and then!

Texting on the 110 is one of the most interesting. Predictive text input works like clock-work. The typing experience is so nice. In the SMS menu, you also have the option of including the original text in a received message when replying – like in email. The phone also allows you to receive Delivery Reports, so you actually know if and when your SMS is delivered or not.

Other features
Trium 110 has a short note-taking feature, which is right up my alley. I remember something I need to do, and promptly type it in so I can look it up later. Handy feature.

There’s also handsfree speakerphone. This allows you to put the phone down on a table and take a call, you know.. like when I’m working on my PC and a call comes in; my hands are busy on the keyboard, but I’ve got a Trium 110… 🙂

Trium has also thrown in a calculator, currency converter, and WAP browser. I tested out the browser on MTECH’s WAP platform and it was generally easy browsing.

While Trium may not be a household name or have a cult following like Nokia and Samsung, the 110 leaves me with an excellent impression of what the company can do: produce a handset that performs well in all areas, and looks good while at it! Thumbs up for the guys at Mitsubishi.

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