[Humour] Troubleshooting your misbehaving mobile

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If your mobile is giving issues, such as draining battery unusually fast, not booting, or rebooting itself spontaneously, here is a universal quick solution to the problem, especially if it is one of those fancy expensive models.

1. Open the window
2. Take the phone
3. Throw the phone
4. Close the window
5. If it doesn’t work, repeat all first 4 steps several times


Yes; that’s me in the picture laughing. I really laughed that hard when I first saw this tip. Honest.



  1. Troubleshooting your
    misbehaving mobile?

    Would have thought a more effective way is..

    take a loaded gun, and SHOOT the TROUBLesome phone.?

    No need to REPEAT. unless you MISS the shot!

    More effective, if you ask me!

  2. Please You all need to invite me before throwing them away . . .You need people to clean up the mess after the Eviction process . .

    @ Spacyzuma . .Could you please repeat the process, but this time with the windows wide open as Noni suggested.

    Jmaine is downstairs waiting to clean up the “Eviction” Mess . . . ** Smiles **

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