Two police officers stopped to assist and stand guard by a sole Lagosian with a flat tyre on Eko bridge at night. Find out what went down.

True Police Story: A friend in need…

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I love good news. I love real stories that inspire. Here is one from Adetunji Eleso for your weekend inspiration. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have. – Editor

The strangest thing happened to me this evening on my way home from PlatformTech that renewed my faith in Nigeria. My car had a flat tyre on Eko bridge at 7pm. I didn’t dare to stop due to area boys. As I drove on, two policemen in a car drove by and pointed out the flat. I told them I had seen it but couldn’t stop on the bridge for fear of being ‘obtained’. They motioned that I should stop and they would keep watch. I stopped, and their driver changed my tyre while they watched. Area boys showed up, but were sternly warned to keep walking. They heeded. I marvelled at the selflessness of the officers and naturally expected to ‘pay through my nose for the service’. Alas, they didn’t ask for anything.

I was sooo grateful for their assistance and was full of prayers for them. I offered to give them Coke money. They politely declined. In their words, ‘If we don’t help you, then who can we help?‘ I am still stunned. Alas police can be our friends. I didn’t lift a finger, got my tyre changed, was protected from area boys and didn’t need to destroy a good tyre by dragging it all those kilometres. All this came from the Police that I never thought anything good of. In 2014. There really is hope.


  1. Am I crying? no am not sure.Truly there us hope for Nigeria. Thanks for this inspiring story. we will be praying for those men to multiply in the NPF

  2. I suppose there is hope for Nigeria. Its a forlorn one, but probably still there…but not an account of this.

    surprising, this episode, but then you can sometimes find a righteous man in Sodom.

    unfortunately, we know this is a very tiny drop in the mighty oceanic morass of roguery that the average policeman represents….

    still, this is exemplary service…worthy of emulation.

  3. Remembered this post when I got into a similar situation yesterday. Left work quite late (a couple of minutes after 10 p.m.) and wanted to drop a female colleague off somewhere not on my route – couldn’t leave her to public transport that late could I?.

    Well, on reaching the infamous Oshodi-Oke we heard some noice from the rear & it turns out the rear tyre had gone down. Didn’t want to risk waiting at the top of the bridge, so I told my passenger to alight and would drive down to the airport area to see if I could get it vulcanized. I couldn’t take it further than a few 200 meters at the Charity bus-stop and had to resort to doing something I was trying to avoid, that is, call my in-laws who stayed in that area. They came around and we couldn’t change a mere tyre because this is a new SUV I just got from work 2 days back and didn’t’ even know where the spare was (apparently hidden under the car). So these police guys doing rounds just ahead of us saw us struggling and copiously going through the manual came around and offered to help. The lack of a simple screwdriver was our problem, so they advised to park it at the nearby church while they waited for us to head on home. We thanked them and they demanded nothing in return. I go sleep at my in-laws while thinking of an appropriate reason to give my wife for ending up in an area diametrically opposed to where we stay. This morning, my dear wife welcomed me with open arms and a warm smile, what a relief.

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