Try out Opera Mobile beta 10 for S60 [plus Screenshots]

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Opera has released a beta of the latest version of their Opera Mobile (not the java Opera Mini) for Symbian S60, and this release is valid for both 3rd and 5th edition devices.

Opera Mobile beta 10 claims to be “faster at rendering pages, zooming, panning and almost everything else you do with a browser. Page downloading is now 50% faster than the previous version of Opera for Symbian/S60 phones.”

In addition, it inlcudes speed dial, tabbed browsing, Opera Turbo, password manager, touch & keypad (for 5th edition devices), adaptive zooming, and AJAX support, among others.

Symbian smartphone users can head over to Opera’s full web site or visit on mobile to download Opera Mobile 10 beta right away.

Some screenshots of Opera Mobile running on the Nokia E90:

Welcome Screen, when you first launch Opera Mobile 10

Speed Dials
Speed Dials

Mobility Nigeria homepage
Mobility Nigeria homepage

Drop-down Menu
Drop-down Menu. Back, Forward, Refresh icons all drop-down when you hit the menu button

Settings menu
Settings menu


  1. Mr Yomi, when one is overwhelmed, one is sometimes @ a loss for words. You are doing a wonderful job. Timely, accurate information. All the time. Commendable!

    Was using Opera Mobile 8.65 on my Nokia 3250 (Symbian 60 Version 3)

    I also own a Nokia 5800 (Royagco 60, 5th edition). We have been waiting for long for this version of Opera Mobile that supports this TouchScreen. Shall give it a spin immediately.

    Thank you MobilityNigeria!
    Thank you Opera !!

  2. downloaded it early this morning..its quite good at loading pages tried out facebook full site on it..handle it well enough. but it does not support t9, which is a definite turn off for me.

  3. Yomi,I must commend your ever update information to those of us who really need them.Thank you! This symbian opera version is long over due.Good work opera,Mozila firefox should take a cue.

  4. I accidentally stumbled on this site today, so far, I am impressed. Guys, thanks for doing a beautiful job; I pray the Lord continue to guide and bless you more.

    Meanwhile, do you guys know any browser that is be compatible with China Phones? I have one; I love it and I want to load it with a good browser better than what it comes with.


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