The Nokia Lumia 610 arrived the House of Mo months ago with a promo label on it offering 3 months free internet from Airtel Nigeria.

Trying Out Airtel 3 Months Free Internet On Lumia 610 – Part One

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The Nokia Lumia 610 arrived the House of Mo months ago with a promo label on it offering 3 months free internet from Airtel Nigeria. In the pack was also an Airtel microSIM pack. Till now, I did not bother with it. Today, however, I thought to give the trial offer a run. I headed to the nearest Airtel shop to register the microSIM card, which I got done under 15 minutes. I already had the microSIM inserted into the Lumia 610. I was told that the card would be active within 2 hours, and it was so.


I loaded a small amount of airtime on the line just to be sure that the line was fully active, and on getting home, I sent the required code “LUMIA” to 141. A response SMS arrived within moments saying:

Airtel Lumia trial offer

Dear customer, this Lumia trial offer is not available for this device. Please insert the SIM into the Nokia device bought for this purpose and try again.

Well, the SIM was already in the Nokia device bought for this purpose. I tried twice more and got the same message each time.

Here’s a picture of the promo label on the phone pack:

The phone pack indicates that this phone is meant for the Nigerian market and also bears the trial offer label with instructions on how to activate it, so I am pretty certain that there must be another issue somewhere. I will be back at the Airtel shop tomorrow to see if this issue can be resolved.

Expect a second part (and perhaps a third) to this article.

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  1. Airtel is probably taking a cue from insurance companies. They always have a romantic way of presenting the benefits of taking out an insurance policy, but will do everything within their power to deny the beneficiary of those benefits when it is time to fulfill their part in the contract.

  2. I would think this is a matter of having a list of the IMEI of phones that qualify for this promo?

    Systems error, or perhaps somebody not on top of his job?

  3. I was in Airtel shop yesterday too to claim my 200mb free for six months that was bundle with the Galaxy grand I bought on Wednesday when I couldn’t succeed activating it on my own, well I was told it has not been activated yet that I have to wait for sometime. I concluded it was a stealing by trick and left. The same thing happen on my galaxy s duos two months ago it was bundled with an mtn sim with free 500mb for 3months I kept on sending the code up till today nothing happen. These people are thieves, hope they are reading this and make necessary adjustment.

  4. @ebunma and Uncle Mo, I’m sorry to say u guys have been punked by the scheming Indians. Maybe try reporting them to CPC (i.e. If that govt parastatal is still functioning)

  5. originalpato, this is about a promo network promotion, no need for the racist comment.

    Mr Mo, you and ebunma are sadly promo victims. One thing I’ve learned about Airtel is never be an early adopter when it comes to promos. While you and I’m sure many others are having problems, Airtel are racking up sales, whilst adding more frustrated customers customers waiting for their promo bundle to kick in.

    I’m not sure why they can’t seem to get it right from the start. They will eventually sort it out, but in the meantime that doesn’t help you or many others. Sorry o.

  6. I also bought the Galaxy grand two weeks ago with six month free internet. Till date I haven’t succeded in activating it. Those guys are thieves!

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