If you are yet to read the first and second parts of my debacle with Airtel’s 3 months free internet on the Nokia Lumia 610,

Trying Out Airtel 3 Months Free Internet On Lumia 610 – Part Three

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If you are yet to read the first and second parts of my debacle with Airtel’s 3 months free internet on the Nokia Lumia 610, you should. They give a background to this article. yesterday evening, internet service disappeared on my line – a Glo line. All through yesterday evening and all of today’s morning and afternoon, I was without mobile internet service. It was the more frustrating because I was on the road. After hours of frustration, I remembered that I had taken the Lumia 610 along with me. What did I have to lose by trying again in this nasty situation? I picked it up and sent “LUMIA” to 141.

In a few moments, the response SMS arrived:

Congratulations. Your Airtel Nokia FREE 1GB plan has been credited in your account. Enjoy browsing.

I guess I have this 1GB data allocation for the next 30 days and thereafter two more months of 1GB data. That would be nice. This is coming many months after the purchase of the Lumia 610. In another life, the phone would have been sold by me by now and I would never have gotten to enjoy this offer. But then, better late than never. Also, I hope that Airtel improves their 3G coverage at my location, or this trial offer would be mostly useless to me anyway. Still, this is good news, and I shall keep my fingers crossed.

Now, what are those downloads that I’ve been putting off for a while?


  1. Now, what are those downloads that I’ve been
    putting off for a while?


    Two platitudes come to mind:

    the juju that we don’t spend money to procure, na behind the fireplace we dey dump am


    the quip about

    “using something like rain water”

    I can bet my Cheshire Cat that those 1 gigabyte X 3 will be “used like rain water”

    Wanna bet?

    Yeeeepa, I’ve broken the SIM that came with my galaxy grand when it won’t


    There was this boss that had the intemperate habit of tearing documents / sheets if paper he considers useless.

    There was this funny day. In his usual fashion of attempting to keep a decluttered in_tray, he accidentally tore a vital document, and shouted “Yeeeepa, I shouldn’t have torn THAT!”

    I burst out laughing!

    What the hell? . You can only get fired once from the same office, abi?

  2. Sometimes they get it wrong too. Or hasn’t anyone noticed the fraud that is currently going on at Airtel concerning there recently promoted Whatsapp bundle of which they will deduct 100naira from your account but still the thing will not work. My own Subscription will soon expire but still I have not sent a single message with it rather the thing will be subtracting from my own data bundle. Have called there customer care and was surprised to discover that some of them are as dumb as my grandma in the village. One will give a different opinion from the other. Two of them asked me to input +234 before the number I want to chat with and my question is. if I have to do that.Does is still make it whatsapp which they took my money for? They last answer they gave me is that they are still working on it that they gave gotten many complaint on that. Then my second question is. Why will they bring out a non tested product in the market when they know that it is not yet properly tested. They even sent me an sms with an id number that my problem has been resolved but as of yesterday it still have not worked. I called the customer care and the surprise I got is that I dd not subscribe to the whatsapp bundle which is contrary to their previous replies to me. Afterward they now refused to pick my calls and block me off. I just wanted to raise this issue bearing in mind that thousand who failed for their bait might be going through this same pain and trouble.

  3. After the second episode of this article, I tried again on my galaxy grand and voila! I was given the promised data of 200mb by airtel. As soon as I used up the 200mb, I removed the sim and keep somewhere. When the one month was almost over I inserted the sim again. Exactly after 30days, I got another 200mb. The promo is for 6month. So, let me enjoy while it lasts.

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