This is not news to those of us who objectively assess phones. The iPhone is revolutionary in many ways, but if you need a phone

Trying to Work on the iPhone is Frustrating

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apple-iphone3gThis is not news to those of us who objectively assess phones. The iPhone is revolutionary in many ways, but if you need a phone you can actually work on, stay away!!

Engadget Editor, Joshua Topolsky, was recently away from the office and tried to get some work done on his iPhone 3GS, but ended up with a very frustrating experience.

His complaints include:

  1. lack of multi-tasking
  2. unreliability of on-screen keyboard for chatting
  3. intrusive notification system for SMS, calendar events, and push IM messages

Joshua says:

Basic functionality, like calling people, email, and certainly document editing still feel inelegant and clunky due to the onscreen keyboard, and the lack of multitasking makes moving around through those typically important tasks difficult to say the least. The experience on an Android device, S60, the Pre, a BlackBerry, or even Windows Mobile just makes more sense. Let me say that again: those experiences make more sense. Now I’m not saying the execution of those experiences is better across platforms, but the philosophy of letting users multitask is more natural to us. The iPhone doesn’t even have a method for switching between recently used or favorite applications.

We don’t work like this on our computers — why does Apple think we want to work like this on our phones?

These issues are not just being discovered. They are established deal-breakers for people who work on the go (on their mobiles). They are the reasons an iPhone is a No-no for me. The iPhone is a sleek, friendly device if you are into media and do not necesarrilly need to work on your phone. The user interface is lovely. But try to work, and…

I know that ‘Dayo has been talking of buying an iPhone recently. Unless Apple delivers a multi-tasking, QWERTY keyboard version of the iPhone, something tells me that he is more likely to regret going that route. I know his work schedule! But then, I believe in miracles.

Read Joshua’s full account: Taking the iPhone 3GS off the job market.


  1. Yomi,

    I also stumbled on that piece of write-up by Joshua.I have always said that iphone may be smart but not intellegent. Because to me any phone that can not execute so many task at the same time as computer does, and will keep you searching for the main menu key or icon is not intellegent.What Iphone has done, is revolutionized the user interface with beautiful graphic and bundle of useful applications.

    NOW with the follow up challenges from symbian phones,android phones,Window mobile phones,RIM phones and most recently the webOs by palm,pple are begining to realise that it takes a better multitasking for one to enjoy the arrays of applications and getting the job done without stress.

    No wonder the Japanese who for 3days were queuing up to be the 1st own an american Iphone were later disappointed when they discovered it can not even do the things their own locally made phones can do.

    I have not use an Iphone b4 but those who used it gives there sincere analysis there by given us room to comment.

  2. The non-multitasking feature of the iPhone is a disappointment, a huge one.

    I have an iPhone 3G and I find it very disappointing in the multi-tasking department. And of course, there’s been a lot of annoying things that come with using the so-much glorified “sexiest” device. I had planned to give away my Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic. But changed my mind the moment I noticed my new baby has got nothing more to offer me beyond her reaction to my fingerings. It’s crazy.

    And I don’t get why I have to virtually use iTunes to do most stuff with my phone.

    It’s wahala to get apps. I can’t even zoom a camera shot, or edit it as the case may be.

    My Nokia 5800 lags behind in the interface dept (well, by comparison) but hey, that baby delivers on the job.

    Please, is the Palm Pre in Nigeria yet?

  3. Business phone?
    Blackberry, all the way.
    Monthly subscription cost is high though.
    Iphone I think is best for internet/entertainment junkies

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