Tuesday blues: Juggling internet access

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When I woke up this morning, it looked like just another day. Then a few hours after I had sat down to work on my laptop, I clicked a link and a familiar page loaded with the message, “Dear Valued Customer, The credit in your account is finished!” What a damper.

So, here I am two weeks into my subscription, and my primary (work) internet package from an ISP is exhausted. I am left with a far less reliable package from a mobile network. There is no provision in my budget for a renewal, so I have to do the juggle and hope that my backup does not drive me off a cliff before the next renewal date of my primary service.

Being a webmaster and blogger can be extremely frustrating when internet access is very unreliable. But what is a guy supposed to do?

PS: I have an upcoming post about how the mobile networks have served their main purpose in internet service provision. The next phase of internet provision in Nigeria will not be dependent on them.

Aluta continua!!

  1. To be honest , In Nigeria , Browsing The Internet Is Luxury. The cost of data is just too high.

    Other countries don’t pay as much as we do. I just wonder what NCC Is Doing about this

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