How to turn your WordPress blog into a Windows 10 app

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Building apps these days is a lot more easier, as there are lots of tools for beginners to build even without prior knowledge of a single line of code. Microsoft have just made it easier for WordPress blog owners to convert their websites into Windows 10 apps.


This was made possible through the latest version of Windows App Studio. In a release:

We introduced a new WordPress data source that lets you connect your app to your WordPress blog. It pulls in content and displays it beautifully in your app so you can free your blog from the web and get it in front of 110+ million Windows 10 users by publishing it to the Store.

WordPress Template – Showcases the new WordPress data source and is an excellent way for you to break out of the web and bring your WordPress blog to the Windows platform and Store

There’s also an added feature called Related Content. This allows users place links related to the app content, all within their app. Microsoft also included a way of placing advertisements within apps – this is to help developers generate revenue.

Get the latest Windows App Studio HERE



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