Turn your Android Phone into a Gamepad to play PC games

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Are you a fan of PC games, bGestureworksut tired of stressing yourself playing your favorite PC games with your keyboard, And hate spending money to buy new gamepads too often due to one problem or the other?

Well then, the new update for Gestureworks Gameplay virtual controller application will let you play those PC games with an Android device. You will also be able to customize the virtual controller to play any game you like as the latest update supports most of the graphic standard games.

The virtual controller application which is available on steam, will cost $15, which is kind of on the high side being that it’s just a mobile app. But considering the update and support for more games to come and the fact that you won’t have to change gamepads every now and then, the price might just be worth it.

So if you are one of those who regularly play games on your PC, i’d like to know your thought on the app.

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