I received a request from an iPhone owner who wants to be able to use his PC internet subscription on his phone. In this article,

Turn Your Notebook into a WLAN Hotspot and Browse on Your Phone

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I received a request from an iPhone owner who wants to be able to use his PC internet subscription on his phone. In this article, I present a tutorial on how to setup a wireless hotspot on your notebook and browse with your Wi-fi enabled phone through that wireless connection.

The idea is that you can bypass your GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSPDA network and save some cash (please be sure to send a donation!).

On to the business at hand…

Stage One: Setup your WLAN Network

1. On your notebook, go to Control panel
2. Click to open “Network Connections”
3. Right click on “Wireless Connection” and click on “Properties”
4. Click on the “Wireless Networks” tab and select the check-box tagged “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings”
5. Under “Prefered networks” click “Add”
6. In the text box labelled “Network name”, type in a name for your network
7. Under “Network Authentication”, select “Open” or “Shared” (shared is more secure)
8. Under Data encryption select “WEP” and type in your password in “Network Key” field. Use a 5-character password. Click “OK”
9. In the list of preferred networks, you should now see your new wireless network.
10. Select/highlight your network, then click on the “Advanced” button. Select “Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only” and hit the “Close” button.
11. Click “OK” to close the box

Stage Two: Share Your Internet Subscription Through the New Network

In all probability, you have a subscription from Starcomms, DirectOnPC or iWireless, or some other ISP

1. In Control Panel, click to open “Network Connections”
2. Look for your ISP connection, right click it and select “Properties”
3. Go to the “Advanced” tab and under “Internet Connection Sharing” check the box which says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”
4. Right below it is a selection box. Choose “Wireless Network Connection”
5. Click “OK”. That’s it. Your very own WLAn hotspot is ready!

The Rest…

Enable WLAN on your notebook (hardware button or desktop icon). Then set your phone (in this case my Nokia E90) to search for available WLAN networks. Your new network should be discovered and displayed. Works a treat here, and I’m browsing on my commie at breakneck speeds (I have a HSDPA link on my notebook).

When asked for your WEP key, enter your 5-character password, and depending on the device complete the process and start browsing!

Feel free to ask your questions using the comment box below. Just be sure to give as much details as possible.


  1. Thanks Mr. Yomi for your timely response to my request. I am most grateful.

    However, my laptop has Windows Vista as OS. Going through the steps highlighted above seems at variance because what i have is Network and Sharing Center and not Network Connections.

    Kindly help with the Windows Vista version of the set-up.

    Thank you, cos you are lol.

    Victor Osoba

  2. Mr. Osoba, here’s how to do it on Vista:

    How to setup HotSpot on Windows Vista:

    1. Got to Control Panel
    2. Click on “Network and Sharing Centre”
    3. Under Tasks choose “Setup New Connection”
    4. Wireless “Ad-hoc network”
    5. Now type in a “Network Name”
    6. Choose “WEP” password if you don’t want to share the connection with the entire world
    7. Click “Internet connection sharing”
    8. Done!

    Source: tnerd

  3. Hi,

    After connecting and activating the wifi on my iphone, then launched the web browser on the iphone, a message as this comes up “safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding. Ok”’.

    What may be wrong?

  4. Leave the Ad-hoc network on your PC on. On your iPhone, terminate the current connecction and then reconnect.

  5. Hi Mr. Yomi,

    I can confirm to you that the above procedure is working for real on my Windows XP. Vista seems to be the problem. Now i can enjoy my iphone to the fullest with connectivity 24/7 for necessary downloads.

    You are the man jooooo.

    Take care, and God Bless, Amen.

    Victor Osoba

  6. Mr. Osoba, it is good to hear that you have achieved your objective. Vista… that is one OS I have avoided like the plague.

    Cheers! Do enjoy your connection!

  7. I just came accross your forum. I can say its most informative. I went through the set up but im stucked at the last point. My phone does not have to search for available WLAN. Where can i get that in blackberry 9630 or Nokia. My Nokia connects to starcomms. Thanks

  8. Hello Mr Yomi, Thanks for the informative post. I use MTN 3G And Etisalat Edge data package to browse with my Laptop. Can I use this to set up the WLAN or is it only possible with starcomms and other broadband ISPs. Thanks.

  9. Thanks Mr. Yomi for the timely response. But How do I configure the WLAN on Windows 7? One more thing, as in vice-versa Can I use my phone as a wi-fi hotspot? I use Nokia E series and Samsung Windows Mobile Phone.

  10. Ty,

    I have no idea about how to do this on Windows 7. Never used it before. Yes; you can use your Symbian and Windows Mobile devices as hotspots by installing a 3rd party application that provides that functionality. JoikuSpot is one such app.

  11. Thanks Mr. Yomi. I guess I have to switch back to Windows XP. Is this Joikuspot application available on the Blackberry and Iphone 0S?

  12. Just wanna know. When I connect my phone – N85 – to the system through the WLAN, and I’m simultaneously using the laptop to connect to the internet, does it imply that the data consumed in my subscription will be the total of the data on laptop with the data on phone or is it only that of the laptop that’ll be charged for?

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