Turn your picture into an Emoticon with Imoji

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Ever thought or wished you could just send a little simple image of yourself in a text to someone to express how you feel? Well, if you have, then Imoji app is here for you, so you can do that as many times as possible. Imoji app is quite simple to use, all you need do is take a picture of yourself, be it a selfie or any picture you have on your phone, upload it on Imoji, then you can erase the background around your face with an editing tool till only your face is left out, then save it. All that is left is for you is to drag it into the middle of the screen and that’s all. You will be able to message anyone with emoticons of your face when texting.


You can also customize emoticons of other people, like your favorite celebrities or anything else if you like. But this app isn’t available on all mobile platforms yet. It is only available for iOS users for now, so if you use an iOS device, you can click here to download the app so you can start using to send your face emoticons.

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