Twicca: a lightweight and stylish Twitter app for Android

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I was searching for apps online when I came across twicca, a Twitter client app for android phones with a beautiful user interface. The official developer website describes the app as a “light weight and stylish Twitter client for Android”.


I decided to give it a try, and in about a minute, the 3MB sized app had downloaded. I launched the installation, clicked on the Connect to Twitter button, it automatically opened my phone’s browser showing the Twitter login and asked for access to my account. On logging in, it displayed a PIN which I had to write down and input back for access in the twicca app. And that was it. The app was up and running and loading my timeline.


Things I liked

Some of the things I like about twicca is the nice user interface and it is also quick at loading new tweets. twicca notifies you of new tweets, mentions and DMs, lets you use color labels, gives you a preview of many image providers, and lets you mute words of your choice, among other features.


twicca is available for download at Play Store you can also try it out. You can also read up more about the app from the official webpage.


  1. I downloaded and tried out twicca. It really is a nice app. Still, it is unable to win me over from the official Twitter for Android app.

  2. @Mister Mo what really makes the official twitter for android app so special that you prefer it over the other twitter apps…

  3. GbMillz,

    I like the breezy user interface of the official Twitter app, and the fact that it displays not only my mentions, but ALL interactions – retweets and followings.

  4. twitter for android is cool but i don’t like the fact that you can’t see the details of apps others are using..sometimes i just wanna know if he or she is on the pc or a mobile..

  5. I have toyed with a couple of twitter apps on android and still enjoy the ability to switch between my favorites.

    Plume has been my best till I encountered falcon pro. Its a paid app and worth every penny.

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