Twitter 101: One reason why people protect their tweets

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I have often run into a situation where the idea of locking/protecting one’s tweets is questioned. Sometimes, the question is genuine. At other times, people are just poking fun. I remember asking the same question once. But having since interacted with a few individuals who have had to protect their tweets at one point or the other, I have a bit of insight into the subject. This morning, I was reminded of this when I ran into a conversation about someone with a protected account who just tweeted to say that it might be his last tweet before suicide.

I tried to access the mentioned account, but it seems that the person in question has de-activated it. I do hope that he/she gets attention and help some way. It is very disheartening.

But here is the point I want to make: whenever you see a protected Twitter account, please note that in all probability that is a person who has a lot to deal with and needs love and friendship. Every single time I have been privy to people who protect their Twitter accounts, they did it because they were under intense emotional pressure. Sometimes, it involves someone who is persistently stalking, harassing and bullying them on Twitter.

We are not all the same. There are pressures that I may be able to handle effortlessly that will trigger off trauma in others. We must endeavour to bear this in mind as we interact with people on a daily basis. We need to be able to empathise and hopefully help make life a little bit easier for others who may not be as strong as we are. It is tough, after all, we are all facing something. You have your issues to deal with. Still, perhaps that can be a motivator for us to empathise with others who may be going through rough patches.

No; I do not think that this is the sole reason why people protect their accounts. I am only sharing. I think that we need to understand more and care more – while we are still able to make a difference. Sometimes, we mock because we do not know – while the individuals in question literally eats up and inches closer to a complete breakdown. Do not ever forget that behind all the tweets, retweets, LOLs, and LMAOOOs, a lot of people are hurting badly.

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