This is a follow-up to my earlier article, Mobile Phones and Social Media, and the first in line of a series on mobile phone and

Twitter 101

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This is a follow-up to my earlier article, Mobile Phones and Social Media, and the first in line of a series on mobile phone and social media.

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Getting started
To benefit from this series, you should have a Twitter account. So, the first thing you need to do is sign up on Twitter if you do not have an account yet. On PC, go to; on mobile:

But do not be in a hurry! It is important to know why you should get on board.

When I initially got on Twitter, I was doing it just to explore. I have since then changed my Twitter handle (username). *I almost wrote Facebook there* first

Why be on Twitter?
Here are a few reasons:

  • To connect with people of shared interest all over the boy
  • To build a platform for engaging with your clients and prospective clients
  • To connect with celebrity on real time eg @toptosyn, @darey etc
  • To know what current trends are

There may be other reasons. When you start to explore Twitter, you’d begin to see the many more uses to it. I must tell you that Twitter is still evolving and many of the uses are being defined and redefined by its users.

Decide why you’d like to be on twitter and get on the rave.

Twitter username or handle
While opening your account, you must have chosen a username (I will sometime refer to it as handle). You can always change it, if you don’t like it, or if you just want to go creative.

What should guide your selection of a username? Your selection of a username should be determined by the image that you want to project. I created a professional account/private, so I used my name and short form of my surname; @jesseoguns. Other examples are @mobilitynigeria for, and @iandbanks.

Avatar or Profile Picture
Make sure that you include an image. Don’t just leave your account with the default image. Your picture is okay, or an image to represent your brand. Sometimes people may choose not to follow you because you leave it blank, or because your avatar doesn’t look cool.

If you are promoting your brand, your logo should suffice. Brands like Mobility Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and Dstv Nigeria all use their logos.

Your bio (short for biography) is what you want people to know about you at first glance. Depending on your type of account, It is also better not to leave it blank. Just check some of the handles I have shared within this post.

Whenever I received a message in my yahoo inbox that someone is now following me, before I decide to follow back, the bio is one of the things that determines if I’d like to follow the person or organisation. Take time to carefully craft yours so that it will pass the message you intend.

These are the very first steps, and they are quite easy to implement.

Go ahead and try this out. Comment your challenge below. If you are already conversant with using Twitter, tell us some of the things that helped you get started well and the few changes you have made.

Next Time

Next time we’ll be talking about the different mobile tools that can help you get your Twitter rave on.


  1. I have been using my twitter for about 2years now.sometimes for weeks I dont post,yet I was pleasantly surprise that people follow me.perhaps because of the deviant nature of my posts.
    one of the best moments of me using twitter account was during the Chilean miners story,I followed the bbc corespondent real time.
    presently among those that I follow is the pragmatic and beautiful Queen Raina of Jordan.
    Twitter gives current info far head of full websites,eg starcomms will break a news on their twitter platform than on their website.

  2. @Jujukemist,

    I agree with you.

    @briansolis once said: “news no longer breaks it tweets.” I sort of agree on that. I had not started using twitter well during the Chilean miners story.

    I was able to follow #nigerianIdols and know with tweets when the program would be on air.

    P.S. *follow mobilitynigeria @mobilitynigeria to know when new articles are published.

  3. thanks jesse
    i thought i was following mobilitynigeria,but you just reminded me,because,when i checked my account today i didnt see monija on it.I better go check now

  4. One thing that helps improve on twitter is to follow alot of people becos the more you follow the more people will follow you.
    Please not that this is mostly good when your twitter is for passing info out.

  5. Other point to note.

    *if you are a blogger, you should be using #twitter. You can earn RT (retweets) and increase traffic to your blog.

    It use to be about SEO only, but SMO (socialMedia0optimization) is a factor currently being considered by Search engines. #2011, google and Bing are re-considering their Algorith.

    You would also notice the use of twitter by government, NGC and other organizations.

    Its a good thing you are a part of this here.

    I found out something new today, that would interest anyone who blogs for an international audience. Stick arround I’ll share it.

  6. Twiter is becoming more exiting for me. I’ve downloaded trill from ovi store to my nokia phone and I’m now following toptosyn and Nigerianewsdesk. I would also like to get tweets from bbc reporters, lattest football news and lots more.

  7. @kay123,

    Am glad you are beginning to have fun on twitter. The fun never stops. The more creative you are, the more the fun. There is even what we call Science of Tweets! *you go fear fear* It going to be a sweet ride.

    Enjoy it more by inviting your friends to join in the fun. Tell them they do not have to grope in the dark, hook them up with this article and we will take it up fro there

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