The Twitter app for Windows 10 is perfect!

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This review update has been a long time coming. I created the draft of this post about a month ago. Sigh. Well, here is the post now. If you own a Windows 10 smartphone, you should dash to the Windows Store to install the Twitter app. In summary, it is now as feature-complete and usable as the Twitter apps for Android OS and iOS. As a matter of fact, it feels sleeker in some areas. In my review of the Twitter app for Windows 10 back in April, I pointed out that while the app was now really good, it had some missing features. All those missing stuff have been found and integrated nicely into the app by the development team.

Twitter app for Windows 10 in hand

Lost, But Found…

Here are the features that were missing but now available on the app:

  • you can now create your own Twitter poll, for completion by all the people following you
  • it now supports the display and notification of quoted tweets. So, if someone replies you by quoting your tweet, you will get a notification and see it in your notification tab.
  • ‘Settings/Personalization’ now lets you turn off or on video autoplay for inline videos, GIFs and Vines
  • more data is shown for each tweet if you tap through to the tweet’s own page/conversation, i.e. time and location (if known)
  • when viewing a Twitter user’s profile, you can see if they follow you
  • if you click on an embedded Twitter link, it opens inside the app

One More Thing…

There is one thing still missing, however: you can’t tap on a profile photo to enlarge it yet. Too bad for stalkers. Is that a deal breaker for me? Nah! I’m good.

I really, really love and enjoy using the Twitter app for Windows 10 in its current state. It looks and feels delightful to use. It is 1001 times better than the Windows Phone 8.1 app. And for day-to-day use, I actually now prefer it to the Twitter for Android app. Now, if BBM and WhatsApp would upgrade their Windows 10 apps to this level of perfection, I’d be a happy Windows 10 Mobile camper.


  1. apparently it also has something missing from iOS and Android apps, a dark theme

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