I was introduced to Tweet Lanes, a third party Twitter app for Android users, by @gbenro some time ago. I immediately found it a nice

Twitter for Android versus Tweet Lanes

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I was introduced to Tweet Lanes, a third party Twitter app for Android users, by @gbenro some time ago. I immediately found it a nice app to use, because of its sweet user interface. Basically, horizontal swipes takes you through different menus of the app. There are also some fancy tap-and-hold gestures, as well as the unique ability to respond to two tweets at the same time. Really lovely app, if you ask me.

Tweet Lanes for Android

Tweet Lanes is easy to fall on love with. Yet, it lacks some functionality. For one, it does not display those who retweet and/or favourite your tweets and who followed you all in a single tab/stream like the official Twitter app does under ‘Interactions’. It doesn’t allow for the editing of profile either.

Twitter for Android

I absolutely love the user interface of Tweet Lanes, but I think that as a whole, the official Twitter app for Android makes it easier for me to track and engage those who interact with me on Twitter. Having used Tweet Lanes for a while, I finally made the switch back to the official app for my mobile tweeting needs.

Of course, I realise that everything is a case of different strokes for different folks. Tweet Lanes is a good app and others will prefer it. If you have used both Tweet Lanes and the official Twitter app for Android, what do you think? What’s your preference and why?


  1. I love Tweet Lanes. I love the simplicity of the interface, the layers, and how much easier it is to tweak unlike Twitter for Android. The only thing I like about Twitter for Android is that when you go into settings-applications, select the app and choose “clear data”, it will simply clear the cache and not erase all of your settings.

    But then, as I don’t use Twitter to network or advertise services, reweets etc aren’t something I pay attention to. But it would be nice to be able to edit your profile.

  2. I have never found it necessary to install standalone apps for services like Twitter, facebook and Gmail – that have webapp equivalents…

    …data and battery consumption considerations.. .


    …instant communication…

  3. I prefer plume, imo it’s hands down the best looking and most functional twitter app for android. But if am left with a choice of either twitter for android or tweet lanes, i would pick the former

  4. I have tried the two and prefer tweet lanes. However, I think the best for twitter on Android is plume. But for whatever reason it keeps freezing on my Note tine after time. That was why I switched.

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