Twitter for BlackBerry 2.1: What's New And What's Still Missing

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Finally the wait is over! Twitter for BlackBerry 2.1 is officially available. This update is available for BlackBerry OS 5 and later.

In my earlier preview, I presented what we can expect from this update. In this article I will review this new version of Twitter for BlackBerry.

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The new update comes with some cool new features. The main screen of the twitter app is shown below.

Capture16 16 30

Capture16 18 15
Twitter for BlackBerry 2.1 comes with the same layout and design as the previous one, but the new features can be seen in the accounts page.

The new features include:

Capture16 19 3

1. Support for Multiple Twitter accounts (up to 5)

2. You can simultaneously switch between the accounts (it’s faster than Twitter for iPhone’s account switching) using the new shortcut ALT+SPACE

3. The technical issues from the previous version are fixed (messages/multiple mention profile view problem)

Capture16 17 131Capture16 17 541

4. The profile page and the profile edit page are also updated.

5. The overall performance and stability is improved.


Even though this new version comes with new features, there are still some major drawbacks.

1. You can’t upload photo using Twitter’s native photo service ( You have to use Twitpic or yFrog. I think the next update must introduce this feature, as Twitter’s photo sharing is becoming very popular.

Capture16 17 2Top tweets can be shown in the search tab of the Twitter for BlackBerry app.

2. Retweets, Top Tweets, ability to copy the link to any particular tweet and translate. These are very handy features and in my opinion a perfect Twitter app should be consist of these.

Final words: I think this update takes Twitter for BlackBerry forwards and I believe that RIM will followup with the currently lacking features in future updates. Happy tweeting.

You can download Twitter for Blackberry v2.1 here.

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