Roll out the drums. Blow the trumpets. Finally, you can express yourself better and say more in each tweet as Twitter increases character limit above

Say more! Twitter increases character limit above 140

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Roll out the drums. Blow the trumpets. Finally, you can express yourself better and say more in each tweet as Twitter increases character limit above 140 count.

Twitter increases character limit above 140

Social networking service, Twitter, has announced an increase in its character limit for English users (as well as others tweeting in most of the world’s languages) from 140 to 280. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language users will not be getting an increase. Twitter says, “This is because in languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese you can convey about double the amount of information in one character as you can in many other languages”.

Twitter increases character limit

Personally, I think this increase is a good move. Do you know how many times I have to look for which words to butcher in order to complete my thoughts in one tweet? And sometimes leave typos in the tweet when I am done because I forgot to change a tense I had used earlier? And then I do not see the typo till 24 hours later? Hopefully, this puts an end to that.

Maybe also we can get some respite from some of those annoying abbreviations that we are constantly subjected to on Twitter. Something tells me not to hold my breath for that. Tweeps who are used to communicating like that are not likely to change now, after all, they communicate that way on WhatsApp and Facebook, both of which do not have those limits.

Just a thought: Do you think Twitter helped murder proper English usage? LOL.

You may not get the increased character limit right away. It is being rolled out in phases, but it will get to you soon enough. Will this change how you use Twitter? Do you think this is a good development? Or do you think that twitter is gradually inching its way towards becoming like other social networking platforms?



  1. Can I hear somebody shout Hallelujah! The character limitation sure helped in murdering the English language as did other social media platforms.

  2. Wow! This is lovely, a welcome development I must say. Now, I can express myself the way I like on Twitter, just like on other social media. No more limit of words. Thanks for this info, Mister Mo. Is it available now in Nigeria?

  3. I don’t think character limitation on Twitter contributes a lot to all the cryptic abbreviations you see. Like was said in the article, it happens even on Whatsapp and others where there is no character length restrictions .

    Many people simply don’t know how to spell properly (and mask that by resorting to those absurd spellings) , or some are too lazy to spell completely (strange and unconscionable in this age of autocomplete offered by smartphones) .

    Even with sms I apply extreme ‘word usage efficiency’ to avoid those ridiculous spellings prevalent with the younger folks of nowadays.

    This extension of the character limit is not such a huge deal for me When your tweet is too long, it gets automatically shortened anyways, so anyone interested in seeing the entire message could click on the shortened URL.

    With DM having practically no limits, now, on Twitter, perhaps the limitation on character length for tweets should just be jettisoned entirely ? Enforcing brevity of expression achieves nothing. If I have plenty to say, allow me say it, without hindrance!

  4. You can delete your tweet. Is that not a form of edit? If you regret a tweet, simply delete, and send another.

  5. What Eye Bee Kay said. I just think people are lazy and can’t be bothered to write out a full sentence even if there isn’t a character limit. Bearing in mind that often there’s no consistency with these abbreviations, it’s like people make it up as they go along.

    Twitter’s just providing more characters to yab people with.

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