Twitter is testing the “Buy” button: Helps you make purchases from a tweet

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The social network has begun testing a new way to make mobile shopping easier by introducing the ‘buy’ button directly next to tweets.

With the ‘buy’ button, users will be able to directly purchase a product in just a few steps straight from their Twitter app for Android and iOS. This will also help sellers and companies alike turn the direct relationship they make with their followers into sales.

Additional details about the product will be shown when you click the buy button on a product. The merchant you are shopping with will receive your order for delivery after you input and confirm the necessary shipping and payment details. Your payment and shipping details will also be safely stored in case of future purchases.

The service is being made available to a few users in the U.S. for now but will expand as time goes on. They will kick start the test with a couple of artists, brands and non profit organization some of which include, Eminem, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, Demi Lovato, Burberry etc. You can click the source link below to see the full list and information.


Source: Twitter


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