Thanks to all those who made meaningful contributions and those who retweeted my two previous articles on social media with a focus on Twitter. A

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twitter 1Thanks to all those who made meaningful contributions and those who retweeted my two previous articles on social media with a focus on Twitter. A few users that come to mind include Jujukemist, bosun99uk, deoladoctor, kay123, shayman, spacyzuma, biola129, and abubakar. Of course, most readers did not comment. Please note that your comments helps us figure out how best to publish articles in order to benefit you. Please keep the comments coming in.

Take my word for it – it is good for you to learn Twitter Techniques. Why? The many benefits can not be overemphasized, both for personal/social and business scenarios.

To the business of the day: mobile tools that can help you put Twitter to excellent use.

Depending on the mobile device you are using, there are different tools available for you. Talking about mobile, the following are the devices I have seen many people use Twitter on – Nokia Symbian phones, Nokia Java Phones, Android phones, Blackberry (RIM) phones, iPhones (iOS), LG, and Samsung, among others.

In a previous article on Mobility Nigeria, I mentioned the benefits and uses of Twitter. The fact remains that most of the many uses of Twitter was defined by users themselves.

You could decide to use the mobile browser that comes with your phone, or a third party application browser, eg, UC browser, OperaMini, Safari, Firefox and a host of others.

What interests me most are the different applications that are designed to enhance the performance of Twitter on mobile.

UbberTwitter and Twitter for Blackberry

If you are a Blackberry user, you would find that Twitter comes with your phone. The one that comes with your phone is named Twitter for Blackberry. If it is not there you can download it. Google is your friend. (Or check the applications folder).

I use UbberTwitter. It is a third party application and the interaction is simpler and more fluid. You can Google it and get it downloaded.

Osfora or Twitter for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you can use the native Application that comes with the phone or check for Osfora for iPhone. Many of my followers and some of the people I follow on Twitter who use an iPhone use it. The naive iPhone for Twitter is equally very good.

Snaptu and Nimbuzz for Java & Symbian

Those using Java phones can have a swell time via Snaptu and Nimbuzz. You would do well to check if the application is available for your version of java. The Snaptu application is not only useful for Twitter, but helps make Facebook very interactive too. Those using a device like the Nokia C3 in particular will enjoy Snaptu very much. While I had the Nokia N8, I downloaded Snaptu into it, and enjoyed using it more than the native Twitter application that came with the phone. Try it, you will love it.

Nimbuzz also allows you to use Twitter along side with Facebook chat, Yahoo messenger, Google messenger and the like.

For Nokia users, you can go to Ovi store to download these applications. You will be required to register and have a username and password for Ovi before you can download. This will be the username and password you would be using anytime you need to source for any applications from the Ovi store.

Android Users

Android also has a native Twitter application. But there should be some cool third party Twitter apps for Android devices too. Iwill be getting my hands on an Android device in the future.

This is about where I will wrap it up on the tools that can make the use of Twitter interesting on your mobile phone. Feel free to explore them, and have fun while at it. Be free to come here and share your comments. I will definitely be checking in on you to see how it is and we can both benefit from our TwitterRave.

My next article will be focused on the technical aspects of Twitter, e.g. #hashtag and its uses, Follow me I follow you, Retweet (RT), some abbreviations and Nigerian slangs. Hang around.

Don’t forget, the MobileRave party is coming up this January. Have you subscribed for your own edition of the MobileRave magazine? Go ahead and do so now here. You can follow me on twitter too (@JesseOguns as well as @MobilityBlog), I tweet about Mobile phone, new media, digital media solutions and just catch fun tweeting.

Have a phone filled day. #okBye.

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  1. For symbian fones.
    Socially ia another good application, It alarts you regularly on new updates from your social networks and you can set the frequency of the intervals.
    You don’t even have to swith on the socially apps to get the alarts.
    Another dedicated twitter app for symbian is trill.

  2. I once used Socially.

    While this apo is REALL good, I had to uninstal it. The latest version kept crashing on the Nokia 5800.

    Looking forward trip a more stable (on the Nok5800) version.

  3. Jesse, segregating users here, aren’t you? Those of us that criticize do not get recongnized?

    twitter for iphone, by the way, works very well for me!!

  4. I have tried Nimbuzz, Fring, Snaptu for my symbian device, and they all have one feature in common: they guzzle bandwidth! Fring is actually the worst culprit. So if you are not on a bundle plan, then stay away from them. Among the lot I have mentioned, Nimbuzz stands out.

    Ultimately I love to maximize resources so I avoid apps that consume too much bandwidth so I’d rather access the mobile twitter website via Opera mini. It gets the job done, it’s less intrusive and conserves my precious data allowance.

  5. Hmmm…
    Well, i use a java phone and tweet excellently from this twitter client site its way too cool. Especially when retweeting. Snaptu’s great too. But tweets are limited to 140 characters, same when updating facebook status.

  6. @leroi and are better because of the 140 character plus support which is absent in dabr and sladr and twisat. I actually use a symbian phone but I rarely use nimbuzz and co because they guzzle bandwidth so these twitter clients actually appeal to me more moreso they are also less intrusive.

  7. The best place i enjoy Tweeter is on my Desktop, why, because of Co Tweet.

    Co Tweet is wonderful, it allows me to send tweets in advance and it will show my mentions and messages and it makes it easy to reply to mentions which is very important for me.

    On my mobile, I use Nimbuzz sometimes but i most tweet via UC browser, i hardly check what other people are tweeting about on my phone.
    To follow up with mentions on my phone I use @MentionNotifier which does a good job to send me an email when i have a reply to my tweet and Tweeter also sends me an email when I have a DM.

    I follow so many people on tweeter so I find it had reading all the Tweets. Some people are so funny that they Tweet personal info between two people to the public(i presume they really dont care about their privacy or they just don’t know).

    I would have reorganized my Tweeter profile and un-follow all those people that tweet about going to the toilet, but i just feel i should leave them.
    SO, in order to see important Tweets I have already created lists and I will be creating more soon.
    I use TweetDeck for reading Tweets from people in a particular List on my Desktop.
    I know they also have an app for iPhone and Andriod.

    Anybody no of a Tweeter app for Symbian or Blackberry that can give PUSH(real time) notifications for TWEETS from a LIST. Am bosun99uk on Tweeter.

  8. thanks jesse,i use snaptu for java phones,but sometimes it takes time to load.very frustraiting.currently,i use opera mini twiter.and thanks to twiter,i took part in d egypt revolution

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