Twitter search is a gold mine you should not ignore

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When you think of search, you probably think of Google. But if you have a Twitter account,  Twitter search is a gold mine that you should be taking advantage of. We explain why this is so and how to use it.

Being a social media platform, Twitter is an endless stream of thoughts and ideas on current affairs. It is more so because it is designed to allow users express their minds in small chunks of information.

Think about all that information: millions of users tweeting about goings on within and without their localities. As such, you are more likely to find find the latest news and world events faster, and you are more likely to find job openings and opportunities faster.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for some insight into your area of business, someone as tweeted about the subject. What about that rare item you want to buy? Again, you stand a good chance of finding it on Twitter.

While Google lets you find information available on websites, Twitter search lets you find information from the thoughts and archives of millions of individuals. And it contains rich results.

Consider that most of the individuals on Twitter do not have a personal blog where they express their thoughts, share ideas or publish useful information. Guess the channel where they do all that. You guessed right – Twitter.

And the Twitter search tool is what gives you easy access to whatever you want to find there.

Using Twitter Search

If you look at the Twitter menu on web or mobile, you will see a search button. It allows you to run a search on the app.

You do not need to construct a complete sentence for your Twitter search. Just type out the keywords most relevant to what you are looking for. For example, “car for sale Lagos” will pull up tweets about cars being offered for sale in Lagos.

When you run a search, the default results are those Twitter deems most relevant to you. They show up under the “Top”tab (see image below). However, depending on what you are looking for, you can switch to another tab. For example, if you are looking for the most recent information about cars for sale in Lagos, switch to the “Latest” tab.



The good part is that no matter the device you are using, Twitter is accessible to you. It is available on the web, in mobile web format, as a mobile app, and there is even a lite version of Twitter for people in regions with poor internet connectivity. And Twitter Search is available on all of them, so it does not matter which you use.

If you have a Twitter account, you do not have to tweet every day to make the best use of the platform. The search feature is a powerful tool that you should use more often. You will find pearls of information if you put it to good use.

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