Twitter Voice DMs Feature Currently Rolling Out For Android And iOS in Brazil, India

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Social media app Twitter is reportedly introducing a new voice messaging feature on its platform. Reports suggest this feature will start rolling out in phases in Brazil, India and Japan. Voice DMs are much like voice notes on instant messaging app, WhatsApp, with the main difference being that Twitter voice DMs will be limited to 140 seconds per message.


This feature will be available for iOS and Android users. To send a voice message on Twitter, open an existing conversation in your DMs, click on the voice recording icon to begin recording your message. When you’re done with your message, click the same icon again to end it. You can also listen to the message before sending it to its target.

Twitter To Make Users Read Content Before Retweeting

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iOS users also have an option to press and hold down the voice recording icon to start recording a message, and then swipe up and release the icon to send the voice message immediately they are done.

Presently, this feature is rolling out to just Android and iOS users, although users with a web app browser can actually listen to messages but cannot send voice messages yet. This new feature should bring a new lease of life to users of this app (often called “Tweeps”), as it should help improve communication and give a more human experience to the app.

Sometime last year, Twitter introduced voice tweets on its platform, letting users voice notes as tweets.




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