if you have to switch phones – and who doesn’t at some point in time – one of the challenges you may face is that

Two options for transfering Contacts between smartphones

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if you have to switch phones – and who doesn’t at some point in time – one of the challenges you may face is that of how to transfer your contacts from the old device to the new one. When the phone OS is different, it might pose a bigger problem to you. Sometimes, it is not possible to beam them via Bluetooth. Here are two ways to transfer your phone contacts from one smartphone to another.

Transfer Contacts

Option 1. Synchronise with Google Contacts or Outlook.
This is the easiest way, actually. Once you have set up your contacts with Google or Outlook, every time you set up a new smartphone with your Google or Outlook account, all your contacts get automatically synchronised to that new phone. Set this up and relax forever.

This option works for all platforms. You can transfer contacts from Android to Android, Android to Windows Phone, Android to Blackberry, Android to iPhone, or any of these others to Android. For more details, read: How To Manage Your Contacts Wirelessly Across Devices.

Option 2. Use a cross-platform third party app like Phone Swappr
Phone Swappr syncs your contacts to the cloud from your sending phone and downloads them to the new phone (there are other apps that work same way). So, you have to manually install it on both the phone that already has your contacts as well as the new phone that you want to set up. This application is available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

The challenge here is that you have to manually repeat this process every time you change phones. Your contacts do not get automatically synchronised like in Option 1 above.


  1. They are all good options until you buy a dumb phone without any Bluetooth as a side kick,enough wahala having to transfer each and every one of your contacts manually..

  2. Another option for nokia phone is to do a backup., change the back up file extension to .zip and then explore the zip file there you will see all you contact in vcf format. You can then import all of the contacts

  3. A few years ago I bought an inexpensive device that allowed me to copy my contacts from my SIM into it. That way, I could transfer contacts from one SIM to another without any problems, which was perfect for feature phones.

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