Two reasons why Infinix is not eating TECNO’s cheese yet

In July 2015, Elroy wrote an article, Is Infinix eating TECNO’s cheese in Nigeria?. In that article, he examined the question of innovation and value for money and submits that “TECNO have relaxed in terms of innovation, most of their current crop of smartphones in the market no longer offer value for money”. And by all appearances, that was correct at the time. Up till that time, the only striking smartphone from TECNO in 2015 was the Boom J7. The J7 is a beautiful device, but it didn’t stand out much and drive the kind of hype people were used to with TECNO.

Mice eat cheese

The Boom J7 really is something – a beautiful design with great music and audio capabilities. And a good performer. But for some reason, it just didn’t seem to get a lot of buzz and we held a discussion on the curious case of the Boom J7. But things quickly changed after that and TECNO struck back on two counts:

Count One: Camon C8
The affordable camera-centric Camon C8 was a hit. TECNO promised that it would wow users with its camera and it has done just that. The 3,000 mAh battery helped too.

Count Two: Phantom 5
We didn’t see this coming. We knew TECNO was playing for premium, but we didn’t think it would come out this good. Immediately details of the Phantom 5 went public, it became the talk of the town both by lovers and haters of the brand. The talk hasn’t died out months after – and the premium metal build, gorgeous display, BOOM Player and awesome stereo audio, fingerprint scanner, 3,000 mAh battery, 4G LTE, and great performance means that the Phantom 5 will stay in the public eye for a while.

In fairness, Infinix had an equally exciting year. Their Hot Note, Hot 2 and Zero 2 were instant hits with fans and buyers. So, 2015 was a very good year for both brands. Perhaps, Infinix is merely only nibbling at TECNO’s cheese. After all, TECNO remains far ahead in terms of sales and has clinched the position of the largest smartphone brand in Nigeria. Not bad at all.

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