Two reasons you should delete Facebook app from your phone

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More and more enlightened users are finding out that they may have to delete Facebook app from their iPhones and Android smartphones. While Facebook remains a popular social media platform, the Android app has issues that many users would prefer to live without. Here are two of them.

delete Facebook app

  1. Facebook for Android is a memory hog. It clogs up your device’s internal memory with trash that keeps building up. Uninstalling the app frees your device up significantly.
  2. Facebook for Android is a power hog, meaning it is a huge drain on smartphone battery. Of course, this is related to the first point above. Anything that is a memory hog will put some extra strain on your device’s battery. Uninstalling the Facebook app for Android is a sure way to get much better battery life on your device.

So, if you want better battery life on your smartphone, one good way to achieve it quickly is to delete Facebook app. Should you now stop using Facebook on your smartphone? Not necessarily. I would recommend Facebook Lite, but that’s like the ugly cousin of a beautiful swan. If you can live with the rather bland look and feel, it is a much better resource manager.

Alternatively, and this is how I now use Facebook on my Android devices, just log into Facebook on your phone’s web browser and use it there. It works quite fine.


  1. ofcourse i dont use the app for a very long time now… Thnks to mr mo for introducing the METAL APP for fb and twitter and save space, energy and mb. Try it pals and thank mr mo later

  2. Hmmm. I can’t recall having memory issues with my phone yet. I presently use an Infinix Note 2 as my only smart device & I have the native FB app in addition to having Pages Manager & FB Ads Manager. I didn’t install the chat app though. I need my peace.

  3. I don’t recall having memory issues with Facebook, but definitely battery ones. Funny enough, I’ve never used Facebook Lite, just Facebook via the browser. Might have to check it out to see how bad “ugly” is

  4. I have been using Facebook via chrome browser for a while now, I still get my notifications regularly. Even created a shortcut on my home screen. Ofcourse I use a high end device. I just can’t help deleting a non efficient app. #Simple

  5. For any Phone with 1gig Ram or Less and a battery of 2000m amp Facebook Android is a no go area.
    I’ve been using Facebook Lite for over a year now without hassles.

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